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Congressional District Information | Cities and Townships

District Name City or Town Population
7 Peterson, Collin Swanville City2
6 Emmer, Tom Royalton City3
7 Peterson, Collin Hangaard Township5
Tenney City5
8 Stauber, Pete Funkley City5
7 Peterson, Collin Peatland Unorg.9
South Clearwater Unorganized10
Fork Township10
1 Hagedorn, Jim Kinbrae City12
7 Peterson, Collin Hamre Township13
Hill Township15
Barry City16
Eagle Point Township17
8 Stauber, Pete Gheen Unorganized18
7 Peterson, Collin South Red River Township19
Cannon Township20
East Park Township23
Steenerson Township23
Sinnott Township24
Shotley Brook Unorg25
Moose River Township25
Northwest Roseau Unorganized25
Minnie Township26
Russia Township27
8 Stauber, Pete Cornish Township28
North Central Cass Unorganized28
7 Peterson, Collin Linsell Township29
Johnson City29
Veldt Township30
Davis Township30
Percy Township31
Tintah Township33
Polonia Township34
Regal City34
Pohlitz Township34
8 Stauber, Pete White Pine Township34
7 Peterson, Collin Correll City34
Shotley Township35
Parker Township35
North Beltrami Unorg35
8 Stauber, Pete Camp 5 Township35
Denham City35
1 Hagedorn, Jim Cobden City36
8 Stauber, Pete Park Township37
7 Peterson, Collin Meadows Township38
8 Stauber, Pete Hillman City38
7 Peterson, Collin Hampden Township38
McKinley Township38
Como Township39
Espelie Township39
Palmville Township39
Florence City39
Thief Lake Township39
Boxville Township39
Hegne Township40
8 Stauber, Pete Northeast Aitkin Unorg40
7 Peterson, Collin Leonard City41
8 Stauber, Pete Bassett Township41
Alvwood Township42
7 Peterson, Collin Donaldson City42
8 Stauber, Pete Davidson Unorganized42
7 Peterson, Collin East Valley Township43
Good Hope Township43
Lost Long Lake Township43
Strathcona City44
Whiteford Township44
Hammond Township44
8 Stauber, Pete Grattan Township44
7 Peterson, Collin Pelan Township45
Farley Township45
Humboldt City45
Cedar Mills City45
8 Stauber, Pete Verdon Township45
Libby Township45
7 Peterson, Collin Sedan City45
Battle Township46
Trail City46
Skane Township46
Clow Township46
8 Stauber, Pete Boy River City47
7 Peterson, Collin Louisburg City47
8 Stauber, Pete Jewett Unorganized47
1 Hagedorn, Jim Myrtle City48
7 Peterson, Collin Redpath Township48
Tegner Township48
Manston Township48
Caribou Township48
8 Stauber, Pete Aldrich City48
7 Peterson, Collin Browns Creek Township48
8 Stauber, Pete Thorpe Township49
7 Peterson, Collin Gorton Township49
Svea Township49
1 Hagedorn, Jim Minneiska City50
8 Stauber, Pete Prairie Lake Township50
7 Peterson, Collin Lockhart Township50
North Ottawa Township50
8 Stauber, Pete Third River Township50
Lee Township50
6 Emmer, Tom Princeton City50
7 Peterson, Collin Brandt Township50
Johnson Township51
Mayfield Township51
Farwell City51
Spring Brook Township52
8 Stauber, Pete Lewis Township52
Leonidas City52
7 Peterson, Collin Toqua Township53
Big Woods Township53
3 Phillips, Dean Dahlgren Township53
7 Peterson, Collin Brislet Township53
8 Stauber, Pete Beaver Township53
7 Peterson, Collin Champion Township53
6 Emmer, Tom Dayton City54
7 Peterson, Collin Hatfield City54
Helgeland Township54
8 Stauber, Pete Otter Tail Peninsula Township54
7 Peterson, Collin Urbank City54
Doran City55
Grand Plain Township55
Winchester Township56
8 Stauber, Pete Mizpah City56
7 Peterson, Collin Lind Township56
St. Joseph Township56
Campbell Township57
8 Stauber, Pete Manhattan Beach City57
1 Hagedorn, Jim Manchester City57
7 Peterson, Collin Westport City57
8 Stauber, Pete Nore Township57
7 Peterson, Collin Dovray City57
Wolf Lake City57
St. Vincent Township58
Nereson Township58
8 Stauber, Pete O'Brien Township58
1 Hagedorn, Jim Taopi City58
Wilder City60
Jasper City60
7 Peterson, Collin Nilsen Township60
1 Hagedorn, Jim Sargeant City61
7 Peterson, Collin Hadley City61
Halma City61
8 Stauber, Pete Seavey Township61
2 Craig, Angie Minneiska City61
7 Peterson, Collin McCauleyville Township61
Rockwell Township61
8 Stauber, Pete East Cass Unorganized62
Ness Township62
7 Peterson, Collin Anthony Township62
8 Stauber, Pete Liberty Township62
7 Peterson, Collin Foldahl Township62
Ihlen City63
8 Stauber, Pete Fairbanks Township63
Rogers Township63
7 Peterson, Collin Tintah City63
Hazel Run City63
1 Hagedorn, Jim Whalan City63
7 Peterson, Collin St. Vincent City64
8 Stauber, Pete Beulah Township64
7 Peterson, Collin Tynsid Township64
Bray Township64
8 Stauber, Pete Kerrick City65
7 Peterson, Collin River Township65
Andrea Township65
8 Stauber, Pete Wilma Township65
7 Peterson, Collin Wylie Township65
Walls Township65
Windsor Township66
Wadena City66
Gully City66
Sandsville Township67
Nashua City68
St. Rosa City68
1 Hagedorn, Jim Kenneth City68
Dundee City68
8 Stauber, Pete Moose Park Township68
7 Peterson, Collin Strandquist City69
8 Stauber, Pete Nimrod City69
Fort Ripley City69
Clay Township69
7 Peterson, Collin Tanberg Township69
Delhi City70
8 Stauber, Pete Quiring Township70
Smoky Hollow Township70
7 Peterson, Collin Norcross City70
8 Stauber, Pete Henriette City71
7 Peterson, Collin Onstad Township71
Tamarac Township71
Nassau City72
8 Stauber, Pete Millward Township72
7 Peterson, Collin Teien Township73
1 Hagedorn, Jim Walters City73
7 Peterson, Collin Woodrow Township73
8 Stauber, Pete New Dosey Township74
7 Peterson, Collin Augsburg Township74
Scandia Township74
8 Stauber, Pete Potshot Lake Unorganized74
7 Peterson, Collin Gregory Township74
Wanger Township75
Chester Township75
Croke Township75
Arco City75
Hubbard Township75
8 Stauber, Pete Genola City75
7 Peterson, Collin Angus Township76
Eckvoll Township77
Dollymount Township77
Mehurin Township77
Huntly Township77
Stevens Township77
8 Stauber, Pete Wawina Township77
Turtle River City77
7 Peterson, Collin Flowing Township77
Forest Township77
Vining City78
8 Stauber, Pete Danforth Township78
7 Peterson, Collin Middle River Township78
Reis Township79
Southbrook Township79
Artichoke Township79
Bejou Township79
Honner Township79
Goodridge Township79
8 Stauber, Pete McGrath City80
7 Peterson, Collin Hickory Township80
Belgium Township81
Kent City81
Arthur Township81
8 Stauber, Pete Blind Lake Township82
7 Peterson, Collin Black River Township82
Poplar Grove Township82
8 Stauber, Pete Crane Lake Township82
7 Peterson, Collin Greenwood Township83
Riceville Township83
8 Stauber, Pete Hay Lake Unorganized83
7 Peterson, Collin Granville Township83
Mary Township83
Clover Leaf Township84
Higdem Township84
Lawrence Township84
8 Stauber, Pete Mudgett Township84
7 Peterson, Collin Wanda City84
Mitchell Township85
8 Stauber, Pete Boy River Township86
7 Peterson, Collin Lengby City86
Seaforth City86
Clontarf Township86
St. Anthony City86
8 Stauber, Pete Iron Junction City86
Little Pine Township86
7 Peterson, Collin Germantown Township86
Cedar Township86
Trosky City86
1 Hagedorn, Jim Evan City86
7 Peterson, Collin Benville Township86
Felton Township86
Polk Centre Township87
Walworth Township87
1 Hagedorn, Jim La Salle City87
7 Peterson, Collin Vineland Township87
Nordick Township87
North Clearwater Unorganized87
Otrey Township87
Reiner Township87
Moyer Township88
Holt City88
Alma Township88
Spring Hill City89
Bloomer Township89
Bejou City89
Hansonville Township90
Winsor Township90
Numedal Township90
Nielsville City90
Norway Township91
Keystone Township91
Bradford Township91
Perley City92
Holloway City92
Logan Township93
8 Stauber, Pete Lake Alice Township93
Crosby Township93
7 Peterson, Collin Hegbert Township93
Comstock City93
8 Stauber, Pete Zemple City93
Mount Morris Township93
Tamarack City94
7 Peterson, Collin Kertsonville Township94
Eldorado Township94
8 Stauber, Pete Morcom Township94
7 Peterson, Collin Reine Township94
Grace Township95
Soler Township95
8 Stauber, Pete Salem Township95
7 Peterson, Collin Hendrum Township95
Revere City95
Arveson Township96
Solway City96
Marysland Township96
Richville City96
Chief Township96
8 Stauber, Pete Ansel Township97
Gail Lake Township97
7 Peterson, Collin Ortonville Township97
Danvers City97
Deerhorn Township97
Malta Township98
8 Stauber, Pete Trommald City98
7 Peterson, Collin Moylan Township98
Fortier Township99
Strand Township99
Manfred Township99
8 Stauber, Pete Good Hope Township99
7 Peterson, Collin Nesbit Township99
Sunburg City100
St. Leo City100
Dumont City100
Perry Township101
8 Stauber, Pete Lima Township101
Bruno City102
7 Peterson, Collin Freeland Township102
Richardville Township102
8 Stauber, Pete Salo Township102
7 Peterson, Collin Roscoe City102
Delaware Township102
Moonshine Township102
Alberta City103
Warrenton Township103
Fanny Township103
Viding Township103
Agassiz Township103
8 Stauber, Pete Schoolcraft Township103
7 Peterson, Collin Lake Henry City103
Foxhome Township103
Lake Pleasant Township103
Viking City104
8 Stauber, Pete Taylor Township104
7 Peterson, Collin Maple Ridge Township104
8 Stauber, Pete Lastrup City104
7 Peterson, Collin Hallock Township104
Hazelton Township104
Deer Township105
8 Stauber, Pete McGregor Township105
7 Peterson, Collin Comstock Township105
Taylor Township105
Hantho Township105
1 Hagedorn, Jim Odin City106
7 Peterson, Collin Millerville City106
8 Stauber, Pete Bock City106
7 Peterson, Collin Edison Township106
8 Stauber, Pete Wirt Township106
Kinghurst Township106
7 Peterson, Collin Leonardsville Township107
Beltrami City107
Beaver Township107
8 Stauber, Pete Squaw Lake City107
7 Peterson, Collin Poplar River Township107
Pleasant View Township108
Green Meadow Township108
Beaulieu Township108
Everglade Township108
1 Hagedorn, Jim Darfur City108
7 Peterson, Collin Halstad Township108
8 Stauber, Pete Pliny Township109
7 Peterson, Collin Agder Township109
8 Stauber, Pete Ault Township109
7 Peterson, Collin Roberts Township110
Augusta Township110
8 Stauber, Pete Federal Dam City110
7 Peterson, Collin Almond Township110
Borup City110
8 Stauber, Pete Laporte City111
7 Peterson, Collin Bear Creek Township111
Jupiter Township111
West Union City111
Lien Township111
8 Stauber, Pete Arna Township112
7 Peterson, Collin Clitherall City112
Foster Township112
Beltrami Forest Unorg112
2 Craig, Angie New Trier City112
7 Peterson, Collin Tabor Township113
Biscay City113
Macsville Township114
Waukon Township114
Baker Township114
8 Stauber, Pete Chickamaw Beach City114
7 Peterson, Collin Moose Township114
Rollis Township115
De Graff City115
Shelly Township115
1 Hagedorn, Jim Ridgely Township115
8 Stauber, Pete Elmdale City116
Bena City116
7 Peterson, Collin Wright Township116
Foxhome City116
Connelly Township116
1 Hagedorn, Jim Alpha City116
8 Stauber, Pete Riverton City117
Second Assessment Unorg Terr117
7 Peterson, Collin Badger Township117
Lincoln Township117
Synnes Township118
8 Stauber, Pete Birch Township118
7 Peterson, Collin Waskish Township118
8 Stauber, Pete Deerfield Township118
7 Peterson, Collin Zippel Unorg118
Drammen Township118
8 Stauber, Pete Huntersville Township119
7 Peterson, Collin Northwest Angle Unorg119
Andover Township119
Atlanta Township119
Donnelly Township119
Huss Township120
Poppleton Township120
Star Township120
Springfield Township120
Swedes Forest Township121
1 Hagedorn, Jim Germantown Township121
7 Peterson, Collin Parnell Township121
Arena Township122
Dewey Township122
1 Hagedorn, Jim Heidelberg City122
8 Stauber, Pete Effie City123
Quamba City123
1 Hagedorn, Jim Delton Township123
7 Peterson, Collin Woodstock City124
Shible Township124
Vega Township125
8 Stauber, Pete Harding City125
7 Peterson, Collin Kragero Township125
2 Craig, Angie Miesville City125
7 Peterson, Collin Nelson Park Township125
Browns Valley Township125
8 Stauber, Pete Steamboat River Township126
Willow Valley Township126
7 Peterson, Collin Deer Park Township126
1 Hagedorn, Jim Bingham Lake City126
7 Peterson, Collin Holly Township127
8 Stauber, Pete Wright City127
7 Peterson, Collin Fairfield Township128
Folsom Township128
8 Stauber, Pete McKinley City128
7 Peterson, Collin Wolverton Township128
8 Stauber, Pete Badoura Township128
Halden Township129
1 Hagedorn, Jim Kimball Township129
Jefferson Township129
7 Peterson, Collin Lambert Township129
Florida Township129
Western Township129
Kelliher Township130
8 Stauber, Pete Pequaywan Township130
7 Peterson, Collin Wyandotte Township130
Equality Township131
Oak Park Township131
Kratka Township131
Eagle View Township131
1 Hagedorn, Jim Ormsby City131
7 Peterson, Collin West Valley Township132
Itasca Township132
Goodridge City132
Holt Township132
Odessa Township132
2 Craig, Angie Hammond City132
7 Peterson, Collin Amo Township132
Des Moines River Township133
8 Stauber, Pete McKinley Township133
7 Peterson, Collin Monson Township133
8 Stauber, Pete Bull Moose Township133
7 Peterson, Collin Pomme de Terre Township133
Stony Brook Township133
1 Hagedorn, Jim Kilkenny City134
8 Stauber, Pete Meadowlands City134
7 Peterson, Collin Pepperton Township134
8 Stauber, Pete Fine Lakes Township134
7 Peterson, Collin Garvin City135
Odessa City135
8 Stauber, Pete Kabetogema Township135
7 Peterson, Collin Rosedale Township135
Gully Township136
8 Stauber, Pete Rice River Township136
7 Peterson, Collin Limestone Township136
Sunnyside Township136
Iona City137
8 Stauber, Pete Beseman Township137
7 Peterson, Collin Cameron Township137
Gales Township137
Barto Township138
Taunton City139
Popple Grove Township139
Rhinehart Township139
North Roseau Unorganized139
Lake Johanna Township139
8 Stauber, Pete Brook Park City139
7 Peterson, Collin Barnett Township139
8 Stauber, Pete Automba Township140
7 Peterson, Collin Swenoda Township140
8 Stauber, Pete Sturgeon Township140
7 Peterson, Collin Holy Cross Township140
8 Stauber, Pete Kelsey Township140
Brookston City141
7 Peterson, Collin Brooks City141
Elbow Lake Township141
1 Hagedorn, Jim Elkton City141
Adrian Township142
8 Stauber, Pete Max Township142
1 Hagedorn, Jim Weimer Township142
7 Peterson, Collin Wolverton City142
Heier Township143
1 Hagedorn, Jim Rome Township143
7 Peterson, Collin Marsh Grove Township143
8 Stauber, Pete Byron Township144
Williams Township144
7 Peterson, Collin Burtrum City144
Scott Township144
Ellsborough Township145
Echo Township145
Atherton Township145
8 Stauber, Pete Linden Grove Township145
Ranier City145
7 Peterson, Collin 2-C Unorg.146
Grimstad Township146
8 Stauber, Pete Sand Lake Township146
Rosing Township146
1 Hagedorn, Jim Conger City146
7 Peterson, Collin Barnesville Township147
Avoca City147
Terrebonne Township147
Dieter Township148
Walter Township148
Home Lake Township148
Erhard City148
Burton Township148
Valley Township149
Barsness Township149
5 Omar, Ilhan Fort Snelling Unorganized149
1 Hagedorn, Jim Brighton Township149
8 Stauber, Pete Trelipe Township150
7 Peterson, Collin West Bank Township150
1 Hagedorn, Jim Twin Lakes City151
8 Stauber, Pete Elmer Township151
7 Peterson, Collin Euclid Township151
Dale Township151
Ash Lake Township151
1 Hagedorn, Jim Waltham City151
7 Peterson, Collin Rolling Forks Township151
Roosevelt City151
Kildare Township151
Hoff Township152
Marsh Creek Township152
Thompson Township152
Dublin Township152
1 Hagedorn, Jim Elba City152
7 Peterson, Collin Dovray Township152
Mandt Township152
Johnsonville Township152
Clements City153
Ten Mile Lake Township153
Sanford Township153
Wergeland Township153
Deerwood Township153
Mentor City153
Altona Township153
Hagen Township154
8 Stauber, Pete Lake No. 1 Unorganized154
Torrey Township155
7 Peterson, Collin Keene Township155
8 Stauber, Pete Longville City156
7 Peterson, Collin Fossum Township156
Lake Stay Township156
Brookfield Township156
Carlisle Township156
1 Hagedorn, Jim Pilot Grove Township156
La Crosse Township156
Vienna Township156
7 Peterson, Collin Morken Township156
Viking Township156
Sundal Township157
Blomkest City157
Hill River Township157
Rice Township158
1 Hagedorn, Jim Clayton Township158
7 Peterson, Collin Brandrup Township158
Campbell City158
8 Stauber, Pete Cormant Township158
1 Hagedorn, Jim Bloom Township158
8 Stauber, Pete Grasston City158
7 Peterson, Collin Osceola Township158
8 Stauber, Pete Thomson City159
7 Peterson, Collin Skree Township159
Yellow Bank Township159
Northland Township160
Lake Ida Township160
8 Stauber, Pete Clear Creek Unorg160
2 Craig, Angie Coates City161
7 Peterson, Collin Marble Township161
Rendsville Township161
Omro Township161
Kingston City161
North Hero Township161
Norfolk Township161
Marietta City162
1 Hagedorn, Jim Lake Fremont Township162
7 Peterson, Collin La Garde Township162
8 Stauber, Pete Timothy Township162
1 Hagedorn, Jim Lura Township163
Prescott Township163
7 Peterson, Collin Savannah Township163
8 Stauber, Pete Ardenhurst Township164
7 Peterson, Collin Amboy Township164
Clontarf City164
Sinclair Township164
Esther Township165
Storden Township165
Hamlin Township165
8 Stauber, Pete Ross Lake Township165
7 Peterson, Collin Louriston Township165
1 Hagedorn, Jim Stately Township165
7 Peterson, Collin Rose Hill Township166
1 Hagedorn, Jim Round Lake Township166
8 Stauber, Pete Split Rock Township166
7 Peterson, Collin Highwater Township166
1 Hagedorn, Jim Dunnell City167
7 Peterson, Collin Wendell City167
8 Stauber, Pete Nickerson Township167
Palisade City167
7 Peterson, Collin Bellingham City168
Providence Township169
Walden Township169
Moorhead Township169
8 Stauber, Pete Northland Township169
Clark Township169
1 Hagedorn, Jim Bennington Township169
8 Stauber, Pete Kinney City169
7 Peterson, Collin Lowville Township169
8 Stauber, Pete Toivola Township170
Poplar Township170
Portage Township170
1 Hagedorn, Jim Odin Township170
7 Peterson, Collin Swede Prairie Township170
Orwell Township170
1 Hagedorn, Jim Alba Township170
7 Peterson, Collin Six Mile Grove Township171
Skandia Township172
8 Stauber, Pete Winton City172
7 Peterson, Collin Elizabeth City173
8 Stauber, Pete Stony River Township173
7 Peterson, Collin Sullivan Township173
1 Hagedorn, Jim Denver Township173
7 Peterson, Collin Ulen Township174
Cashel Township174
Horton Township174
1 Hagedorn, Jim Lismore Township175
7 Peterson, Collin Alta Vista Township175
8 Stauber, Pete Kugler Township175
2 Craig, Angie Bellechester City175
7 Peterson, Collin Bandon Township175
Lessor Township175
Boyd City175
Goose Prairie Township175
McDonaldsville Township175
8 Stauber, Pete Sago Township176
7 Peterson, Collin Shevlin City176
1 Hagedorn, Jim Mapleview City176
7 Peterson, Collin Murray Township177
Sletten Township177
Fenton Township177
Felton City177
Langhei Township177
Roome Township177
Westline Township178
River Falls Township178
4 McCollum, Betty Spring Lake Park City178
7 Peterson, Collin Shelburne Township178
Lac qui Parle Township178
Shaokatan Township178
8 Stauber, Pete Haugen Township178
7 Peterson, Collin Lee Township179
Palmyra Township179
Grand Forks Township179
Maxwell Township179
8 Stauber, Pete Lakeview Township179
7 Peterson, Collin Meire Grove City179
Ann Township179
8 Stauber, Pete Carpenter Township179
1 Hagedorn, Jim Delavan City179
Steen City180
8 Stauber, Pete Kettle River City180
7 Peterson, Collin Tara Township180
8 Stauber, Pete Wahnena Unorganized180
Warba City181
1 Hagedorn, Jim West Heron Lake Township181
7 Peterson, Collin Lime Lake Township181
Redwood Falls Township181
1 Hagedorn, Jim Elmore Township181
8 Stauber, Pete Beaver Bay City181
7 Peterson, Collin Havelock Township181
Tyro Township181
8 Stauber, Pete Holyoke Township182
7 Peterson, Collin Rock Township182
Kintire Township182
2 Craig, Angie Millville City182
7 Peterson, Collin Round Lake Township183
Porter City183
8 Stauber, Pete Bruno Township184
1 Hagedorn, Jim Wilmont Township184
8 Stauber, Pete Logan Township184
7 Peterson, Collin Ogema City184
Bangor Township185
Forada City185
Wellington Township185
2 Craig, Angie Minneiska Township185
7 Peterson, Collin Sundown Township185
Blue Mounds Township186
Camp Township186
Holland City187
Silverton Township187
6 Emmer, Tom South Haven City187
1 Hagedorn, Jim Enterprise Township187
7 Peterson, Collin Louisville Township187
Nelson City187
8 Stauber, Pete Bungo Township188
7 Peterson, Collin Flora Township188
1 Hagedorn, Jim Larkin Township188
Elm Creek Township188
7 Peterson, Collin Fountain Prairie Township188
1 Hagedorn, Jim Okabena City188
8 Stauber, Pete Shooks Township189
7 Peterson, Collin Royal Township189
8 Stauber, Pete Van Buren Township189
7 Peterson, Collin Golden Valley Township189
Lake Grove Township189
1 Hagedorn, Jim Lake Belt Township189
8 Stauber, Pete Remer Township189
1 Hagedorn, Jim Minnesota Lake Township190
8 Stauber, Pete South Koochiching Unorganized190
7 Peterson, Collin Lake Lillian Township190
8 Stauber, Pete North Star Township190
Inguadona Township190
7 Peterson, Collin Garnes Township190
Shelly City191
New Avon Township191
Crooks Township191
Williams City191
Lucan City191
Lake Shore Township191
Normania Township191
Friendship Township192
Trondhjem Township192
Belfast Township192
1 Hagedorn, Jim Sioux Valley Township192
8 Stauber, Pete Lyons Township192
7 Peterson, Collin Bear Park Township192
Dent City192
Vesta Township192
Hazel Run Township193
Kennedy City193
Lamberton Township193
1 Hagedorn, Jim Selma Township193
8 Stauber, Pete Wildwood Township193
1 Hagedorn, Jim Seely Township193
7 Peterson, Collin Three Lakes Township194
Highlanding Township194
Aetna Township194
Gilchrist Township194
Swan Lake Township194
8 Stauber, Pete Kimberly Township195
Sobieski City195
1 Hagedorn, Jim Ripley Township195
7 Peterson, Collin Spring Creek Township195
1 Hagedorn, Jim Nashville Township195
8 Stauber, Pete Ford Township195
7 Peterson, Collin Emardville Township195
8 Stauber, Pete Cedar Valley Township195
7 Peterson, Collin Prairie View Township196
Hammer Township196
Waterbury Township196
Sheridan Township197
New Prairie Township197
Graceville Township197
Cerro Gordo Township197
Beaver Falls Township197
Martinsburg Township197
2 Craig, Angie Mendota City198
1 Hagedorn, Jim Whitewater Township198
7 Peterson, Collin Fairfax Township198
1 Hagedorn, Jim Frost City198
Hardwick City198
Peterson City199
7 Peterson, Collin Sandnes Township199
1 Hagedorn, Jim Easton City199
7 Peterson, Collin Lone Tree Township199
Hayes Township199
Lyons Township199
1 Hagedorn, Jim Battle Plain Township199
7 Peterson, Collin East Lake Lillian Township199
New Maine Township199
Baxter Township200
Fisher Township200
1 Hagedorn, Jim Lincoln Township200
8 Stauber, Pete Morrison Township200
Northome City200
7 Peterson, Collin Red Lake Falls Township201
Lisbon Township201
Kingman Township201
8 Stauber, Pete Tenstrike City201
7 Peterson, Collin Hawk Creek Township201
1 Hagedorn, Jim Winnebago City Township201
7 Peterson, Collin Hitterdal City201
Hendricks Township201
8 Stauber, Pete Lake Hattie Township202
7 Peterson, Collin Monroe Township202
8 Stauber, Pete Motley Township202
7 Peterson, Collin Appleton Township203
Grange Township203
Custer Township203
Wilton City204
1 Hagedorn, Jim Minnesota City204
8 Stauber, Pete Orton Township204
1 Hagedorn, Jim Olney Township205
7 Peterson, Collin Watson City205
8 Stauber, Pete Bearville Township205
7 Peterson, Collin Bird Island Township205
8 Stauber, Pete Schroeder Township205
7 Peterson, Collin Verdi Township206
Ericson Township206
1 Hagedorn, Jim Grand Prairie Township206
7 Peterson, Collin Moulton Township206
8 Stauber, Pete Wahkon City206
Macville Township206
7 Peterson, Collin Winger Township206
Chanarambie Township206
Hamden Township206
Underwood Township206
8 Stauber, Pete Workman Township207
7 Peterson, Collin Oscar Township207
2 Craig, Angie Zumbro Falls City207
7 Peterson, Collin Bluffton City207
Diamond Lake Township207
8 Stauber, Pete Turner Township208
1 Hagedorn, Jim Seward Township208
7 Peterson, Collin Tunsberg Township208
Charlestown Township208
Henryville Township208
1 Hagedorn, Jim Waverly Township208
8 Stauber, Pete McCormack Lake Unorganized209
1 Hagedorn, Jim Preble Township209
7 Peterson, Collin Burke Township209
1 Hagedorn, Jim Fieldon Township209
8 Stauber, Pete Durand Township209
Garrison City210
7 Peterson, Collin Leeds Township210
Oshkosh Township210
1 Hagedorn, Jim Little Rock Township211
Rost Township211
7 Peterson, Collin Elrosa City211
Crate Township211
2 Craig, Angie Dennison City212
7 Peterson, Collin Garden Township212
1 Hagedorn, Jim Magnolia Township212
8 Stauber, Pete Leigh Township212
Alden Township213
7 Peterson, Collin Nordland Township213
Camp Lake Township213
Aastad Township213
Two Inlets Township213
8 Stauber, Pete Langor Township213
1 Hagedorn, Jim Butterfield Township213
7 Peterson, Collin Vallers Township214
Queen Township214
Gary City214
1 Hagedorn, Jim Walnut Lake Township214
Pleasant Mound Township214
8 Stauber, Pete Slater Township215
7 Peterson, Collin Stokes Township215
Westbrook Township216
Madison Township216
1 Hagedorn, Jim Rose Dell Township216
8 Stauber, Pete Kroschel Township216
7 Peterson, Collin Alaska Township217
1 Hagedorn, Jim Center Creek Township217
8 Stauber, Pete Meadow Township217
7 Peterson, Collin Springdale Township217
Flom Township218
1 Hagedorn, Jim Graham Lakes Township218
Westside Township218
Belmont Township218
Mulligan Township218
Midway Township219
7 Peterson, Collin Storden City219
King Township219
1 Hagedorn, Jim Hersey Township219
8 Stauber, Pete Ellsburg Township219
7 Peterson, Collin Posen Township219
8 Stauber, Pete Bullard Township219
7 Peterson, Collin Gudrid Unorg219
Winger City220
Carsonville Township220
Grygla City221
Cedarbend Township221
1 Hagedorn, Jim Emerald Township222
Magnolia City222
7 Peterson, Collin Greenwald City222
Willow Lake Township222
1 Hagedorn, Jim Cedar Township223
8 Stauber, Pete Arrowhead Township223
7 Peterson, Collin Winfield Township224
Brookville Township224
6 Emmer, Tom Gilman City224
1 Hagedorn, Jim Hunter Township224
8 Stauber, Pete Gould Township224
7 Peterson, Collin Gray Township225
Melville Township225
McDougald Unorg225
Roosevelt Township225
Granite Rock Township225
1 Hagedorn, Jim Brush Creek Township225
8 Stauber, Pete Flensburg City225
7 Peterson, Collin Emmet Township226
Sioux Agency Township226
Hector Township226
1 Hagedorn, Jim Delafield Township226
7 Peterson, Collin Gervais Township226
8 Stauber, Pete Meadow Brook Township226
1 Hagedorn, Jim Middletown Township227
Lismore City227
Northrop City227
7 Peterson, Collin Woods Township227
1 Hagedorn, Jim Delavan Township228
7 Peterson, Collin Hereim Township228
Cosmos Township228
Chippewa Falls Township228
8 Stauber, Pete Rutledge City229
7 Peterson, Collin Lake Bronson City229
Vail Township229
1 Hagedorn, Jim Waldorf City229
7 Peterson, Collin Moose Creek Township230
8 Stauber, Pete Bowstring Township230
7 Peterson, Collin New Folden Township230
1 Hagedorn, Jim Ransom Township230
Byron Township230
7 Peterson, Collin Eastern Township230
8 Stauber, Pete Stokes Township230
7 Peterson, Collin Wood Lake Township231
Southeast Roseau Unorg Terr231
Elmer Township231
1 Hagedorn, Jim Petersburg Township232
7 Peterson, Collin Cairo Township232
8 Stauber, Pete Hornet Township232
1 Hagedorn, Jim Indian Lake Township232
Des Moines Township232
7 Peterson, Collin Beardsley City233
Solem Township233
Lake Elizabeth Township233
8 Stauber, Pete Brook Lake Unorganized233
Birch Creek Township233
7 Peterson, Collin Currie City233
1 Hagedorn, Jim Wisconsin Township233
8 Stauber, Pete Shell River Township233
Cromwell City234
7 Peterson, Collin Clover Township234
8 Stauber, Pete Dailey Township234
7 Peterson, Collin Callaway City234
Westerheim Township235
1 Hagedorn, Jim Bigelow City235
7 Peterson, Collin Skagen Township235
Alliance Township235
8 Stauber, Pete Big Falls236
7 Peterson, Collin Kerkhoven Township236
Eidsvold Township236
1 Hagedorn, Jim Lakeside Township237
7 Peterson, Collin Lake Valley Township237
1 Hagedorn, Jim Mansfield Township237
Jay Township237
7 Peterson, Collin Grafton Township238
Lake Lillian City238
Stanley Township238
1 Hagedorn, Jim Foster Township239
Ceresco Township239
Antrim Township240
Winnebago Township240
Danville Township240
8 Stauber, Pete Bremen Township240
7 Peterson, Collin Big Bend Township240
Stoneham Township241
Lake Benton Township241
Ruthton City241
McCrea Township241
Donnelly City241
Wolf Lake Township242
1 Hagedorn, Jim Beaver Township242
7 Peterson, Collin Spruce Valley Township242
8 Stauber, Pete Pease City242
7 Peterson, Collin Edwards Township242
Evansville Township242
8 Stauber, Pete Eagles Nest Township242
7 Peterson, Collin Marshfield Township242
Moore Township243
1 Hagedorn, Jim Eitzen City243
Pleasant Prairie Township243
7 Peterson, Collin Urness Township243
Cornish Township243
Leenthrop Township243
1 Hagedorn, Jim Bashaw Township243
Ewington Township244
7 Peterson, Collin Coon Creek Township244
Amiret Township245
1 Hagedorn, Jim Jo Daviess Township245
7 Peterson, Collin Birch Cooley Township245
Brandsvold Township245
1 Hagedorn, Jim Black Hammer Township245
Granby Township246
8 Stauber, Pete Hay Brook Township246
7 Peterson, Collin Lucas Township246
Prior Township247
2 Craig, Angie Glasgow Township247
1 Hagedorn, Jim Kanaranzi Township247
2 Craig, Angie Watopa Township247
1 Hagedorn, Jim Pemberton City247
7 Peterson, Collin North Fork Township247
8 Stauber, Pete Sugar Bush Township247
Norman Township248
1 Hagedorn, Jim Galena Township248
Barber Township248
8 Stauber, Pete Northeast St. Louis Unorg248
Angora Township249
1 Hagedorn, Jim Christiania Township249
8 Stauber, Pete Waasa Township249
7 Peterson, Collin Wang Township249
8 Stauber, Pete Tofte Township249
1 Hagedorn, Jim Lewisville City250
8 Stauber, Pete Backus City250
Splithand Township250
1 Hagedorn, Jim Hayward City250
7 Peterson, Collin Ben Wade Township250
8 Stauber, Pete Summit Township251
7 Peterson, Collin Falun Township251
Lake Wilson City251
Round Grove Township251
Milroy City252
1 Hagedorn, Jim Mound Township252
Springwater Township252
Elk Township253
7 Peterson, Collin Severance Township253
Dalton City253
Granite Falls Township253
Pillsbury Township254
1 Hagedorn, Jim Clark Township254
7 Peterson, Collin Villard City254
1 Hagedorn, Jim Dewald Township254
Ostrander City254
Eden Township254
7 Peterson, Collin Breckenridge Township255
1 Hagedorn, Jim Prairieville Township255
7 Peterson, Collin Sibley Township255
Grove Lake Township255
8 Stauber, Pete Home Brook Township255
Boy Lake Township256
1 Hagedorn, Jim Fox Lake Township256
7 Peterson, Collin Wild Rice Township256
1 Hagedorn, Jim Hartland Township256
7 Peterson, Collin Morgan Township257
8 Stauber, Pete Alango Township258
1 Hagedorn, Jim Minneota Township259
8 Stauber, Pete Idun Township259
7 Peterson, Collin Raymond Township259
Little Elbow Township259
Tansem Township259
1 Hagedorn, Jim Vivian Township259
Cambria Township260
St. James Township260
Kiester Township260
Tenhassen Township260
7 Peterson, Collin Minerva Township261
1 Hagedorn, Jim Ellington Township261
7 Peterson, Collin Land Township261
Kelliher City262
Ashley Township262
1 Hagedorn, Jim Vernon Center Township262
8 Stauber, Pete Owens Township263
North Cass Unorganized264
7 Peterson, Collin Norman Township264
8 Stauber, Pete Spang Township264
7 Peterson, Collin Effington Township264
1 Hagedorn, Jim Shelby Township265
7 Peterson, Collin Rock Lake Township265
1 Hagedorn, Jim Rolling Green Township266
Sheldon Township266
7 Peterson, Collin Hewitt City266
Climax City267
8 Stauber, Pete Orr City267
1 Hagedorn, Jim Freeborn Township267
7 Peterson, Collin West Union Township268
Bondin Township268
8 Stauber, Pete Wealthwood Township268
Bradbury Township268
1 Hagedorn, Jim Burnstown Township268
7 Peterson, Collin Rheiderland Township269
8 Stauber, Pete Fern Township270
Buckman City270
7 Peterson, Collin Sacred Heart Township270
1 Hagedorn, Jim Lodi Township270
7 Peterson, Collin Chandler City270
Preston Lake Township271
1 Hagedorn, Jim Holt Township271
8 Stauber, Pete Thunder Lake Township272
7 Peterson, Collin Hope Township272
Bygland Township272
1 Hagedorn, Jim Mount Vernon Township273
7 Peterson, Collin Big Stone Township273
Norway Lake Township274
Humboldt Township275
Transit Township276
Jones Township277
Cuba Township277
1 Hagedorn, Jim Clinton Township277
7 Peterson, Collin Hodges Township277
1 Hagedorn, Jim Bernadotte Township278
7 Peterson, Collin Glyndon Township278
Lake Henry Township278
Westport Township278
Echo City278
8 Stauber, Pete Vermilion Lake Township278
7 Peterson, Collin Murdock City278
8 Stauber, Pete Ball Bluff Township278
7 Peterson, Collin St. Hilaire City279
Moltke Township279
Gentilly Township280
8 Stauber, Pete Floodwood Township280
1 Hagedorn, Jim Carson Township280
7 Peterson, Collin Wheeler Unorg281
Baudette Unorg281
Elk Lake Township281
Gonvick City282
1 Hagedorn, Jim South Branch Township282
7 Peterson, Collin Grove Park-Tilden Township282
1 Hagedorn, Jim Ottawa Township283
Dunbar Township283
7 Peterson, Collin Butler Township283
Sodus Township283
Falk Township284
Stafford Township284
1 Hagedorn, Jim Crooked Creek Township285
7 Peterson, Collin Little Elk Township285
Georgetown Township285
2 Craig, Angie Hyde Park Township286
4 McCollum, Betty St. Paul Park City286
7 Peterson, Collin Osborne Township286
1 Hagedorn, Jim Nelson Township287
Leavenworth Township287
7 Peterson, Collin Callaway Township287
Great Bend Township287
Dryden Township287
1 Hagedorn, Jim North Star Township287
7 Peterson, Collin Highland Grove Township288
Cyrus City288
Grandview Township288
8 Stauber, Pete Iron Range Township289
1 Hagedorn, Jim Skyline City289
2 Craig, Angie Grey Cloud Island Township289
7 Peterson, Collin Inman Township290
8 Stauber, Pete Bowlus City290
Nebish Township290
1 Hagedorn, Jim Utica City291
7 Peterson, Collin Kensington City292
Darnen Township292
Plummer City292
Kelso Township292
Delhi Township293
Kurtz Township293
Kragnes Township293
Shell Lake Township293
1 Hagedorn, Jim Riverdale Township294
8 Stauber, Pete Culver Township294
Janette Lake Unorganized295
1 Hagedorn, Jim Linden Township295
7 Peterson, Collin Oakland Township295
Turtle Creek Township295
Danielson Township295
Slayton Township295
2 Craig, Angie Nerstrand City295
1 Hagedorn, Jim Westford Township295
Sterling Township296
East Chain Township296
7 Peterson, Collin Shetek Township296
1 Hagedorn, Jim Carimona Township296
Freeborn City297
New Sweden Township297
Lorain Township297
Beaver Creek City297
7 Peterson, Collin Sanders Township298
Lowell Township298
Mason Township299
8 Stauber, Pete New Independence Township299
7 Peterson, Collin Moland Township299
Folden Township299
Lowry City299
Norwegian Grove Township300
1 Hagedorn, Jim Rosendale Township300
7 Peterson, Collin Excel Township300
8 Stauber, Pete Pulaski Township300
7 Peterson, Collin Wabanica Unorg301
Mickinock Township301
8 Stauber, Pete Northwest St. Louis Unorg301
7 Peterson, Collin Akron Township301
8 Stauber, Pete Munch Township302
Perry Lake Township302
Lavell Township303
Lake Jessie Township303
1 Hagedorn, Jim Hollandale City303
7 Peterson, Collin Middle River City303
1 Hagedorn, Jim Granada City303
7 Peterson, Collin Hanley Falls City304
1 Hagedorn, Jim Pleasant Valley Township304
8 Stauber, Pete Meadowlands Township304
1 Hagedorn, Jim Fraser Township304
Carlston Township305
7 Peterson, Collin Framnas Township305
8 Stauber, Pete Feeley Township306
1 Hagedorn, Jim Alden Township306
Grand Meadow Township306
Manyaska Township306
7 Peterson, Collin Hendrum City307
St. Martin City308
Elkton Township308
1 Hagedorn, Jim Sargeant Township310
8 Stauber, Pete Oteneagen Township310
7 Peterson, Collin Riverside Township310
Buzzle Township310
1 Hagedorn, Jim Dexter Township310
Mapleton Township310
4 McCollum, Betty Lakeland Shores City311
1 Hagedorn, Jim Elba Township311
7 Peterson, Collin Godfrey Township313
8 Stauber, Pete North Germany Township313
Northwest Aitkin Unorganized313
Hackensack City313
7 Peterson, Collin Orange Township313
1 Hagedorn, Jim Carrolton Township314
8 Stauber, Pete Hendrickson Township314
7 Peterson, Collin Bismarck Township314
Penn Township315
1 Hagedorn, Jim London Township315
8 Stauber, Pete Finlayson City315
7 Peterson, Collin Camp Release Township315
1 Hagedorn, Jim Hartland City315
Fountain Township315
8 Stauber, Pete Waukenabo Township316
Hiram Township316
Colvin Township317
7 Peterson, Collin Crow Lake Township318
Maplewood Township318
1 Hagedorn, Jim Fairmont Township318
7 Peterson, Collin Vesta City319
1 Hagedorn, Jim Ashland Township319
8 Stauber, Pete Rabbit Lake Township319
7 Peterson, Collin New Munich City320
Plato City320
1 Hagedorn, Jim Nunda Township321
7 Peterson, Collin Blowers Township321
8 Stauber, Pete Bigfork Township321
7 Peterson, Collin Nidaros Township322
8 Stauber, Pete Jevne Township322
7 Peterson, Collin Deer Creek City322
Alfsborg Township323
1 Hagedorn, Jim Yucatan Township323
Dakota City323
Summit Lake Township323
7 Peterson, Collin Sweet Township324
Clifton Township324
Lund Township325
New Solum Township325
1 Hagedorn, Jim Butternut Valley Township325
8 Stauber, Pete Kerrick Township325
7 Peterson, Collin Leaf Mountain Township326
1 Hagedorn, Jim Freedom Township326
7 Peterson, Collin Crow River Township327
1 Hagedorn, Jim Lyra Township327
8 Stauber, Pete Kalevala Township327
7 Peterson, Collin 3-A Unorg.328
1 Hagedorn, Jim Worthington Township328
8 Stauber, Pete Spalding Township329
7 Peterson, Collin Oslo City330
Elmo Township331
Vergas City331
8 Stauber, Pete Cuyuna City332
Wagner Township332
Crow Wing Lake Township332
1 Hagedorn, Jim Vernon Center City332
8 Stauber, Pete Stoney Brook Township332
1 Hagedorn, Jim Heron Lake Township333
7 Peterson, Collin Benson Township334
1 Hagedorn, Jim Traverse Township334
7 Peterson, Collin Fahlun Township335
Lake George Township335
Zion Township335
Long Beach City335
8 Stauber, Pete Malmo Township337
1 Hagedorn, Jim Arendahl Township337
Nevada Township338
Long Lake Township338
7 Peterson, Collin Millerville Township338
1 Hagedorn, Jim Pilot Mound Township338
7 Peterson, Collin Russell City338
Holland Township338
1 Hagedorn, Jim Waltham Township339
7 Peterson, Collin Sanborn City339
1 Hagedorn, Jim Wilmont City339
7 Peterson, Collin Eddy Township339
1 Hagedorn, Jim Quincy Township339
Lake Hanska Township339
7 Peterson, Collin Lancaster City340
Evergreen Township340
1 Hagedorn, Jim Dexter City341
7 Peterson, Collin Underwood City341
8 Stauber, Pete Wabedo Township341
1 Hagedorn, Jim Rushmore City342
Norway Township343
7 Peterson, Collin Deer Creek Township344
1 Hagedorn, Jim Sigel Township344
6 Emmer, Tom Hancock Township345
8 Stauber, Pete Fairfield Township345
7 Peterson, Collin Leon Township345
Burleene Township345
Cromwell Township345
Belle River Township345
1 Hagedorn, Jim Canton City346
7 Peterson, Collin Paddock Township346
Erdahl Township347
1 Hagedorn, Jim Stark Township348
7 Peterson, Collin Grey Eagle City348
Rosewood Township348
1 Hagedorn, Jim Merton Township348
Albin Township348
8 Stauber, Pete Swanville City348
7 Peterson, Collin Parkers Prairie Township348
8 Stauber, Pete Little Sand Lake Unorganized349
7 Peterson, Collin Darwin City350
Rosebud Township351
1 Hagedorn, Jim Madelia Township351
Clinton Falls Township351
8 Stauber, Pete Ogema Township352
1 Hagedorn, Jim Jordan Township352
7 Peterson, Collin St. Olaf Township352
1 Hagedorn, Jim Bloomfield Township353
Elmira Township354
Le Roy Township354
7 Peterson, Collin Garfield City354
Northern Township355
Oak Valley Township355
1 Hagedorn, Jim Fremont Township355
8 Stauber, Pete Sandy Township356
1 Hagedorn, Jim Forestville Township356
7 Peterson, Collin La Prairie Township356
1 Hagedorn, Jim Lyle Township356
8 Stauber, Pete Platte Township357
1 Hagedorn, Jim Hart Township357
8 Stauber, Pete Arlone Township358
Jenkins Township359
1 Hagedorn, Jim Preston Township359
8 Stauber, Pete Taconite City360
1 Hagedorn, Jim Marshall Township361
Wiscoy Township361
7 Peterson, Collin Homestead Township362
Alvarado City363
Spring Hill Township364
1 Hagedorn, Jim Verona Township364
8 Stauber, Pete Askov City364
1 Hagedorn, Jim Medo Township364
Bricelyn City365
Wilton Township365
7 Peterson, Collin Maynard City366
8 Stauber, Pete Calumet367
7 Peterson, Collin Spring Prairie Township368
4 McCollum, Betty St. Marys Point City368
1 Hagedorn, Jim York Township368
7 Peterson, Collin Newfolden City368
Jeffers City369
8 Stauber, Pete Ogilvie City369
7 Peterson, Collin Holst Township369
1 Hagedorn, Jim Ceylon City369
7 Peterson, Collin Milan City369
Ghent City370
8 Stauber, Pete Remer City370
1 Hagedorn, Jim Union Township370
7 Peterson, Collin Sherman Township370
3 Phillips, Dean Medicine Lake City371
7 Peterson, Collin Roseland Township371
1 Hagedorn, Jim Frankford Township371
8 Stauber, Pete Beatty Township372
6 Emmer, Tom New Germany City372
8 Stauber, Pete Hagali Township372
1 Hagedorn, Jim Bigelow Township373
7 Peterson, Collin Harvey Township374
Badger City375
Acton Township375
Getty Township376
Green Valley Township376
1 Hagedorn, Jim Round Lake City376
8 Stauber, Pete Maple Township377
7 Peterson, Collin Henning Township377
1 Hagedorn, Jim Amherst Township378
8 Stauber, Pete Lake George Township378
2 Craig, Angie Pepin Township378
7 Peterson, Collin Boon Lake Township378
Eagle Lake Township378
Norden Township379
1 Hagedorn, Jim Newburg Township379
8 Stauber, Pete Wolford Township379
1 Hagedorn, Jim Hayward Township381
7 Peterson, Collin Arctander Township381
8 Stauber, Pete Wrenshall Township382
1 Hagedorn, Jim Martin Township382
Comfrey City382
7 Peterson, Collin Belview City384
1 Hagedorn, Jim Mountain Lake Township384
7 Peterson, Collin Mamre Township385
2 Craig, Angie Wacouta Township386
1 Hagedorn, Jim Beaver Creek Township386
Harmony Township387
8 Stauber, Pete Fifty Lakes City387
1 Hagedorn, Jim Blue Earth City Township387
Dover Township389
8 Stauber, Pete Nevis City390
1 Hagedorn, Jim Leota Township390
8 Stauber, Pete Field Township391
1 Hagedorn, Jim Emmons City391
8 Stauber, Pete McGregor City391
Great Scott Township392
4 McCollum, Betty Gem Lake City393
7 Peterson, Collin Lake Sarah Township393
2 Craig, Angie Kenyon Township393
1 Hagedorn, Jim Rose Creek City394
7 Peterson, Collin Fairview Township394
1 Hagedorn, Jim Oakland Township396
Bristol Township396
7 Peterson, Collin Morris Township396
1 Hagedorn, Jim Houston Township396
7 Peterson, Collin Reno Township397
2 Craig, Angie Cherry Grove Township397
West Albany Township398
8 Stauber, Pete Wrenshall City399
7 Peterson, Collin Swede Grove Township400
8 Stauber, Pete Leiding Township400
7 Peterson, Collin Dudley Township400
Waubun City400
Pine Point Township400
Chokio City400
8 Stauber, Pete Wilkinson Township401
1 Hagedorn, Jim Hanska City402
Spring Grove Township402
Kilkenny Township404
2 Craig, Angie Oakwood Township405
8 Stauber, Pete Atkinson Township406
1 Hagedorn, Jim Beauford Township406
7 Peterson, Collin Island Lake Township408
4 McCollum, Betty Pine Springs City408
7 Peterson, Collin Bertha Township408
Wykeham Township409
1 Hagedorn, Jim Mayville Township409
8 Stauber, Pete Lone Pine Township410
1 Hagedorn, Jim Fountain City410
7 Peterson, Collin Morton City411
St. Johns Township411
Gennessee Township413
Crookston Township413
8 Stauber, Pete Skelton Township414
Platte Lake Township414
2 Craig, Angie Sciota Township414
8 Stauber, Pete Willow River City415
7 Peterson, Collin Barrett City415
8 Stauber, Pete Lutsen Township415
7 Peterson, Collin Star Lake Township415
Elmwood Township415
2 Craig, Angie Richland Township416
8 Stauber, Pete Pike Township417
2 Craig, Angie Blakeley Township418
7 Peterson, Collin New Auburn Township418
2 Craig, Angie Vermillion City419
8 Stauber, Pete Nett Lake Unorganized420
1 Hagedorn, Jim Geneva Township421
West Newton Township423
7 Peterson, Collin Lynd Township423
Miltona City424
1 Hagedorn, Jim Manchester Township424
Shell Rock Township427
8 Stauber, Pete Upsala City427
7 Peterson, Collin Minnesota Falls Township429
Ross Township429
8 Stauber, Pete Hill Lake Township430
Jenkins City430
Aldrich Township430
1 Hagedorn, Jim Blooming Prairie Township430
8 Stauber, Pete Northome Unorganized431
7 Peterson, Collin White Bear Lake Township431
8 Stauber, Pete Akeley City432
7 Peterson, Collin Stony Run Township432
1 Hagedorn, Jim Riceland Township434
Alton Township434
Wilmington Township434
7 Peterson, Collin Fisher City435
Oklee City435
8 Stauber, Pete Leech Lake Township436
2 Craig, Angie Randolph City436
3 Phillips, Dean Woodland City437
1 Hagedorn, Jim Rutland City437
7 Peterson, Collin Herman City437
8 Stauber, Pete Lawrence Township438
7 Peterson, Collin Malung Township438
8 Stauber, Pete Sturgeon Lake City439
7 Peterson, Collin Wood Lake City439
Torning Township440
1 Hagedorn, Jim Bath Township440
7 Peterson, Collin Spruce Hill Township441
1 Hagedorn, Jim Racine City442
2 Craig, Angie Lake Township442
7 Peterson, Collin Erhards Grove Township442
1 Hagedorn, Jim New Richland Township443
2 Craig, Angie Plainview Township443
7 Peterson, Collin Jessenland Township444
1 Hagedorn, Jim Farmington Township444
Wykoff City444
7 Peterson, Collin Bartlett Township445
1 Hagedorn, Jim Brownsville Township445
8 Stauber, Pete Cotton Township445
7 Peterson, Collin Riverton Township446
Eden Township446
8 Stauber, Pete Bigfork City446
7 Peterson, Collin Ashby City446
8 Stauber, Pete Pelican Township446
2 Craig, Angie Mount Pleasant Township447
8 Stauber, Pete Ann Lake Township447
7 Peterson, Collin Ward Township447
Lynd City448
1 Hagedorn, Jim Udolpho Township448
7 Peterson, Collin Clinton City449
Tumuli Township449
Pelican Lake Township450
8 Stauber, Pete Glen Township450
1 Hagedorn, Jim Newry Township450
8 Stauber, Pete Lakin Township450
1 Hagedorn, Jim Westfield Township451
Adams Township452
7 Peterson, Collin Shevlin Township452
8 Stauber, Pete Fleming Township453
2 Craig, Angie Holden Township454
7 Peterson, Collin Stowe Prairie Township454
Maple Grove Township455
1 Hagedorn, Jim Racine Township455
7 Peterson, Collin Clitherall Township455
Enstrom Township455
2 Craig, Angie Chester Township455
Kellogg City456
Wanamingo Township456
1 Hagedorn, Jim Dresbach Township456
8 Stauber, Pete Finlayson Township456
7 Peterson, Collin New Auburn City456
1 Hagedorn, Jim Fillmore Township457
7 Peterson, Collin Leaf Valley Township457
8 Stauber, Pete Silver Township457
1 Hagedorn, Jim Sumner Township458
8 Stauber, Pete McDavitt Township459
Alborn Township460
7 Peterson, Collin Spruce Grove Township460
Cedar Mills Township460
1 Hagedorn, Jim St. Mary Township460
Claremont Township461
2 Craig, Angie Highland Township462
Belvidere Township462
8 Stauber, Pete Lakeside Township463
1 Hagedorn, Jim Ellsworth City463
Eyota Township464
8 Stauber, Pete Pomroy Township464
7 Peterson, Collin Huntsville Township464
1 Hagedorn, Jim Hayfield Township465
7 Peterson, Collin Gorman Township465
8 Stauber, Pete Goodland Township466
1 Hagedorn, Jim Summit Township466
6 Emmer, Tom Bethel City466
1 Hagedorn, Jim McPherson Township466
Brownsville City466
8 Stauber, Pete Marcell Township467
Wing River Township468
Pillager City469
7 Peterson, Collin Columbia Township470
1 Hagedorn, Jim Cordova Township471
8 Stauber, Pete Crystal Bay Township472
7 Peterson, Collin Cosmos City473
1 Hagedorn, Jim Brewster City473
8 Stauber, Pete Beaver Bay Township473
7 Peterson, Collin Collins Township473
8 Stauber, Pete Whiteface Reservoir Unorganized473
7 Peterson, Collin Hawley Township474
8 Stauber, Pete Parker Township474
White Oak Township475
Northwest Koochiching Unorganized476
7 Peterson, Collin Scambler Township476
Bluffton Township479
1 Hagedorn, Jim Luverne Township479
7 Peterson, Collin Lake Park Township481
8 Stauber, Pete Granite Township481
Ponto Lake Township481
2 Craig, Angie St. Lawrence Township483
7 Peterson, Collin Parke Township485
Runeberg Township486
8 Stauber, Pete Culdrum Township487
7 Peterson, Collin Brandon City489
8 Stauber, Pete Red Eye Township490
1 Hagedorn, Jim Norton Township490
7 Peterson, Collin Kandiyohi City491
Otter Tail Township491
Buse Township491
Rothsay City493
1 Hagedorn, Jim Altura City493
7 Peterson, Collin Grove Township493
Corliss Township493
Dead Lake Township494
Amor Township495
Glencoe Township495
1 Hagedorn, Jim Freeman Township496
Hokah Township497
7 Peterson, Collin Bertha City497
Prinsburg City497
2 Craig, Angie Waterford Township497
7 Peterson, Collin Washington Lake Township498
Leven Township499
8 Stauber, Pete Walden Township500
Tower City500
7 Peterson, Collin Minnewaska Township500
Germania Township500
1 Hagedorn, Jim Lemond Township501
Kiester City501
8 Stauber, Pete Hayland Township501
2 Craig, Angie Belle Creek Township501
1 Hagedorn, Jim Oshawa Township502
7 Peterson, Collin Carlos City502
Erskine City503
8 Stauber, Pete Kettle River Township504
7 Peterson, Collin Sugar Bush Township504
1 Hagedorn, Jim Lafayette City504
7 Peterson, Collin Holmesville Township505
8 Stauber, Pete Birch Lake Unorganized505
Kego Township505
7 Peterson, Collin Danube City505
4 McCollum, Betty Willernie City507
7 Peterson, Collin Moran Township508
Eglon Township508
Pennock City508
1 Hagedorn, Jim Derrynane Township508
8 Stauber, Pete Sturgeon Lake Township508
Hart Lake Township509
7 Peterson, Collin Franklin City510
1 Hagedorn, Jim Janesville Township513
6 Emmer, Tom Hamburg City513
7 Peterson, Collin Willmar Township513
8 Stauber, Pete Swanville Township517
1 Hagedorn, Jim Deerfield Township517
8 Stauber, Pete Becker Township517
7 Peterson, Collin Clearbrook City518
8 Stauber, Pete Spencer Township518
1 Hagedorn, Jim Spring Valley Township518
7 Peterson, Collin Audubon City519
1 Hagedorn, Jim Silver Lake Township519
Berlin Township519
7 Peterson, Collin Knute Township519
8 Stauber, Pete Mantrap Township519
Buh Township520
2 Craig, Angie Sunfish Lake City521
8 Stauber, Pete Brook Park Township522
7 Peterson, Collin Sabin City522
8 Stauber, Pete Birch Lake Township524
7 Peterson, Collin Green Isle Township524
1 Hagedorn, Jim Blooming Grove Township525
2 Craig, Angie Goodhue Township525
7 Peterson, Collin Whitefield Township525
Popple Township526
1 Hagedorn, Jim Nicollet Township527
8 Stauber, Pete Floodwood City528
1 Hagedorn, Jim Pleasant Hill Township531
8 Stauber, Pete Leaf River Township531
1 Hagedorn, Jim Chatfield Township531
8 Stauber, Pete Deerwood City532
Foreston City533
1 Hagedorn, Jim Amboy City534
7 Peterson, Collin Silver Leaf Township534
8 Stauber, Pete Pierz Township535
7 Peterson, Collin Eagle Bend City535
8 Stauber, Pete Darling Township535
7 Peterson, Collin Sumter Township535
8 Stauber, Pete Richardson Township536
Wabana Township537
1 Hagedorn, Jim Moscow Township538
3 Phillips, Dean Minnetonka Beach City539
7 Peterson, Collin Toad Lake Township539
8 Stauber, Pete Loon Lake Township540
7 Peterson, Collin Eagle Valley Township541
Laona Township543
Arlington Township543
6 Emmer, Tom Clear Lake City545
7 Peterson, Collin St. Martin Township545
1 Hagedorn, Jim Home Township545
7 Peterson, Collin Ulen City547
Colfax Township547
Audubon Township548
1 Hagedorn, Jim Claremont City548
7 Peterson, Collin Sacred Heart City548
8 Stauber, Pete Fall Lake Township549
7 Peterson, Collin Lynn Township550
1 Hagedorn, Jim Iosco Township550
8 Stauber, Pete Akeley Township551
1 Hagedorn, Jim Lyle City551
7 Peterson, Collin Tordenskjold Township551
2 Craig, Angie Pine Island Township551
Wheeling Township551
1 Hagedorn, Jim Judson Township554
7 Peterson, Collin Otto Township554
8 Stauber, Pete Daggett Brook Township554
Guthrie Township555
1 Hagedorn, Jim Geneva City555
7 Peterson, Collin Paxton Township555
Fawn Lake Township555
Ivanhoe City559
8 Stauber, Pete Barclay Township559
7 Peterson, Collin Green Isle City559
Leaf Lake Township560
8 Stauber, Pete Crooked Lake Township560
7 Peterson, Collin Candor Township561
1 Hagedorn, Jim Tyrone Township562
8 Stauber, Pete Clover Township564
Grand Portage Unorganized565
7 Peterson, Collin Burbank Township566
8 Stauber, Pete French Township567
7 Peterson, Collin Lake Marshall Township568
Jadis Township568
1 Hagedorn, Jim Havana Township570
7 Peterson, Collin Stewart City571
8 Stauber, Pete Agram Township572
7 Peterson, Collin Ottertail City572
8 Stauber, Pete Wuori Township572
Ironton City572
2 Craig, Angie Gillford Township572
7 Peterson, Collin Troy Township573
Jasper City573
Spruce Township573
1 Hagedorn, Jim Concord Township574
8 Stauber, Pete Cook City574
1 Hagedorn, Jim Aurora Township574
8 Stauber, Pete Onamia Township575
7 Peterson, Collin Harrison Township576
Graceville City577
Smiley Township580
1 Hagedorn, Jim Hokah City580
8 Stauber, Pete Eagle Township581
6 Emmer, Tom Graham Township582
1 Hagedorn, Jim Good Thunder City583
6 Emmer, Tom Sauk Rapids Township584
7 Peterson, Collin Bruce Township585
8 Stauber, Pete Barry Township585
1 Hagedorn, Jim Butterfield City586
2 Craig, Angie Zumbrota Township586
1 Hagedorn, Jim Viola Township589
7 Peterson, Collin Browns Valley City589
8 Stauber, Pete Balsam Township592
7 Peterson, Collin Lammers Township592
1 Hagedorn, Jim Orion Township592
8 Stauber, Pete Isle Harbor Township593
7 Peterson, Collin Oak Township595
8 Stauber, Pete East Koochiching Unorganized595
7 Peterson, Collin Osakis Township595
Halstad City597
1 Hagedorn, Jim Money Creek Township597
Otisco Township599
8 Stauber, Pete Roosevelt Township601
Verndale City602
7 Peterson, Collin Manannah Township604
8 Stauber, Pete Breitung Township605
1 Hagedorn, Jim Mound Prairie Township606
Windom Township606
7 Peterson, Collin Garfield Township606
8 Stauber, Pete Embarrass Township607
2 Craig, Angie Warsaw Township607
8 Stauber, Pete Arago Township607
1 Hagedorn, Jim Owatonna Township609
Courtland City611
8 Stauber, Pete Woodrow Township611
7 Peterson, Collin 5-A Unorg.611
Evansville City612
8 Stauber, Pete Barnum City613
Mahtowa Township613
1 Hagedorn, Jim Saratoga Township618
8 Stauber, Pete East Side Township620
7 Peterson, Collin Sverdrup Township621
1 Hagedorn, Jim Meriden Township621
8 Stauber, Pete St. Mathias Township622
2 Craig, Angie Lilydale City623
7 Peterson, Collin Pelican Township625
McIntosh City625
Staples Township627
8 Stauber, Pete Center City628
1 Hagedorn, Jim St. Charles Township629
2 Craig, Angie Minneola Township629
1 Hagedorn, Jim Courtland Township630
7 Peterson, Collin Freeport City632
Union Grove Township633
8 Stauber, Pete Hill City633
7 Peterson, Collin Grove City635
8 Stauber, Pete Mission Creek Township635
East Cook Unorganized636
1 Hagedorn, Jim Sharon Township636
7 Peterson, Collin Kandiyohi Township636
6 Emmer, Tom Luxemburg Township637
7 Peterson, Collin Grey Eagle Township638
Argyle City639
8 Stauber, Pete Partridge Township639
1 Hagedorn, Jim Utica Township639
8 Stauber, Pete Hillman Township641
1 Hagedorn, Jim Caledonia Township641
7 Peterson, Collin Leslie Township642
1 Hagedorn, Jim Glenville City643
7 Peterson, Collin Balaton City643
8 Stauber, Pete Wilson Township645
1 Hagedorn, Jim Rock Dell Township647
8 Stauber, Pete Littlefork City647
7 Peterson, Collin Nora Township647
8 Stauber, Pete Silver Brook Township648
Randall City650
3 Phillips, Dean Loretto City650
1 Hagedorn, Jim Warren Township651
Elysian City652
7 Peterson, Collin Forest City Township653
1 Hagedorn, Jim Albert Lea Township653
7 Peterson, Collin Maine Township653
Iona Township653
1 Hagedorn, Jim Canisteo Township654
7 Peterson, Collin Villard Township656
1 Hagedorn, Jim Cleveland Township658
7 Peterson, Collin Everts Township658
Stephen City658
Gordon Township659
2 Craig, Angie Randolph Township659
1 Hagedorn, Jim Alden City661
7 Peterson, Collin Reynolds Township662
Hartford Township662
Richwood Township662
1 Hagedorn, Jim Elmore City663
Rollingstone City664
8 Stauber, Pete LaPrairie City665
1 Hagedorn, Jim Vernon Township665
Montgomery Township665
8 Stauber, Pete Motley City671
7 Peterson, Collin Height of Land Township673
1 Hagedorn, Jim Pickerel Lake Township673
8 Stauber, Pete Port Hope Township673
1 Hagedorn, Jim Kasota City675
Brownsdale City676
7 Peterson, Collin Greenleaf Township676
Clarissa City681
Darwin Township681
Hoffman City681
1 Hagedorn, Jim Lake Prairie Township682
7 Peterson, Collin Lake Benton City683
4 McCollum, Betty Landfall City686
1 Hagedorn, Jim Hills City686
Welcome City686
Minnesota Lake City687
3 Phillips, Dean Greenwood City688
7 Peterson, Collin Munson Township688
1 Hagedorn, Jim Garden City Township689
6 Emmer, Tom Marine on St. Croix City689
2 Craig, Angie Hampton City689
8 Stauber, Pete Two Rivers Township689
Hines Township689
1 Hagedorn, Jim Ellendale City691
7 Peterson, Collin Hassan Valley Township693
1 Hagedorn, Jim Jamestown Township693
Lafayette Township694
7 Peterson, Collin Rich Valley Township694
1 Hagedorn, Jim Milford Township694
8 Stauber, Pete Morrill Township696
7 Peterson, Collin Wabasso City696
1 Hagedorn, Jim Stockton City697
8 Stauber, Pete Dell Grove Township697
1 Hagedorn, Jim Heron Lake City698
8 Stauber, Pete Nashwauk Township698
1 Hagedorn, Jim Richmond Township699
7 Peterson, Collin Faxon Township701
8 Stauber, Pete Marble City701
1 Hagedorn, Jim Rollingstone Township701
Pine Island City703
8 Stauber, Pete Deer River Township704
7 Peterson, Collin Round Prairie Township706
1 Hagedorn, Jim Clarks Grove City706
Lexington Township707
7 Peterson, Collin Pembina Township707
6 Emmer, Tom Holdingford City708
7 Peterson, Collin North Township708
8 Stauber, Pete Sebeka City711
7 Peterson, Collin Hendricks City713
Brandon Township713
8 Stauber, Pete Cushing Township714
1 Hagedorn, Jim Washington Township715
6 Emmer, Tom Young America Township715
8 Stauber, Pete Powers Township715
1 Hagedorn, Jim Waterville Township716
2 Craig, Angie Douglas Township716
Mazeppa Township717
1 Hagedorn, Jim Cleveland City719
7 Peterson, Collin Greenbush City719
8 Stauber, Pete Blueberry Township721
2 Craig, Angie Zumbro Township722
1 Hagedorn, Jim Canton Township724
7 Peterson, Collin Dora Township725
8 Stauber, Pete Straight River Township726
7 Peterson, Collin Henderson Township728
Kandota Township729
8 Stauber, Pete Ripley Township729
7 Peterson, Collin Girard Township731
1 Hagedorn, Jim Somerset Township732
2 Craig, Angie Roscoe Township732
8 Stauber, Pete Buckman Township733
7 Peterson, Collin Buffalo Lake City733
2 Craig, Angie Elgin Township733
1 Hagedorn, Jim Milton Township734
Dover City735
7 Peterson, Collin Westbrook City739
Belgrade City740
Brooten City743
8 Stauber, Pete Page Township743
6 Emmer, Tom Granite Ledge Township743
8 Stauber, Pete Swan River Township743
Dalbo Township743
5 Omar, Ilhan Hilltop City744
7 Peterson, Collin Roseville Township746
1 Hagedorn, Jim Le Ray Township746
7 Peterson, Collin Newton Township746
1 Hagedorn, Jim Red Rock Township747
Trimont City747
7 Peterson, Collin Sparta Township748
8 Stauber, Pete Green Prairie Township748
Isle City751
Garrison Township754
2 Craig, Angie Welch Township754
1 Hagedorn, Jim Lanesboro City754
7 Peterson, Collin Lida Township757
Melrose Township759
Kerkhoven City759
Burnhamville Township759
Karlstad City760
8 Stauber, Pete Maple Ridge Township761
6 Emmer, Tom Glendorado Township762
Kimball City762
7 Peterson, Collin Brownton City762
Raymond City764
Hancock City765
8 Stauber, Pete Cass Lake City770
7 Peterson, Collin Gibbon City772
8 Stauber, Pete Maple Grove Township774
6 Emmer, Tom Munson Township778
7 Peterson, Collin Hobart Township778
1 Hagedorn, Jim Mabel City780
7 Peterson, Collin Woodside Township782
1 Hagedorn, Jim West Concord City782
2 Craig, Angie Featherstone Township782
7 Peterson, Collin Lake Park City783
Moe Township784
8 Stauber, Pete Hubbard Township784
Blackduck City785
6 Emmer, Tom Benton Township786
1 Hagedorn, Jim Adams City787
8 Stauber, Pete South Fork Township789
7 Peterson, Collin Browerville City790
8 Stauber, Pete Pine Lake Township790
Normanna Township796
Industrial Township800
South Harbor Township800
7 Peterson, Collin Compton Township801
Henning City802
2 Craig, Angie Greenvale Township803
8 Stauber, Pete Bovey City804
7 Peterson, Collin Holmes City Township804
8 Stauber, Pete Biwabik Township804
Rushseba Township804
1 Hagedorn, Jim Pleasant Grove Township806
7 Peterson, Collin Miltona Township806
8 Stauber, Pete Hinckley Township806
1 Hagedorn, Jim Rushford Village City807
7 Peterson, Collin Friberg Township809
1 Hagedorn, Jim Medford Township813
8 Stauber, Pete Emily City813
Mission Township817
6 Emmer, Tom Alberta Township818
7 Peterson, Collin Twin Lakes Township818
Elizabeth Township819
8 Stauber, Pete Thomastown Township819
Rockwood Township820
7 Peterson, Collin Twin Valley City821
8 Stauber, Pete Fairview Township821
7 Peterson, Collin Lamberton City824
8 Stauber, Pete Sandstone Township824
7 Peterson, Collin Perham Township827
White Earth Township828
Little Sauk Township829
8 Stauber, Pete Nokay Lake Township830
6 Emmer, Tom Mayhew Lake Township831
7 Peterson, Collin Litchfield Township832
8 Stauber, Pete Balkan Township832
6 Emmer, Tom San Francisco Township832
7 Peterson, Collin Silver Lake City837
Liberty Township838
1 Hagedorn, Jim Cottonwood Township840
Webster Township840
6 Emmer, Tom Gilmanton Township841
2 Craig, Angie Northfield Township842
Mazeppa City842
7 Peterson, Collin Fertile City842
8 Stauber, Pete Hazelton Township844
7 Peterson, Collin Long Prairie Township844
8 Stauber, Pete Lakeport Township845
7 Peterson, Collin Ellsworth Township848
6 Emmer, Tom St. Stephen City851
8 Stauber, Pete May Township852
7 Peterson, Collin Birchdale Township856
8 Stauber, Pete Aitkin Township856
1 Hagedorn, Jim Erin Township859
8 Stauber, Pete Cherry Township860
Carlton City862
7 Peterson, Collin Clarkfield City863
Helen Township863
8 Stauber, Pete Arbo Township867
1 Hagedorn, Jim St. Clair City868
8 Stauber, Pete Wadena Township868
4 McCollum, Betty Birchwood Village City870
7 Peterson, Collin Walnut Grove City871
8 Stauber, Pete Greenway Township871
Staples City871
7 Peterson, Collin Copley Township872
Battle Lake City875
Hudson Township876
2 Craig, Angie Belle Plaine Township878
8 Stauber, Pete Onamia City878
Blackberry Township880
2 Craig, Angie Hay Creek Township882
8 Stauber, Pete Fort Ripley Township883
2 Craig, Angie Leon Township885
8 Stauber, Pete Amador Township885
7 Peterson, Collin Henderson City886
Moranville Township887
Dane Prairie Township887
8 Stauber, Pete Oxford Township888
1 Hagedorn, Jim New Hartford Township890
8 Stauber, Pete Blackhoof Township893
7 Peterson, Collin Osage Township895
Morgan City896
Edna Township897
2 Craig, Angie Hampton Township903
7 Peterson, Collin Dunn Township905
6 Emmer, Tom Langola Township906
7 Peterson, Collin Irving Township906
8 Stauber, Pete Center Township910
2 Craig, Angie Vasa Township910
1 Hagedorn, Jim Hillsdale Township912
Wasioja Township914
6 Emmer, Tom Camden Township922
8 Stauber, Pete Whited Township926
2 Craig, Angie Webster Township928
8 Stauber, Pete Bay Lake Township929
1 Hagedorn, Jim Le Roy City929
8 Stauber, Pete Deer River City930
6 Emmer, Tom Middleville Township937
8 Stauber, Pete Peace Township939
Greenwood Township939
Walker City941
1 Hagedorn, Jim Lansing Township941
7 Peterson, Collin Hale Township942
8 Stauber, Pete Kanabec Township943
Pine River City944
2 Craig, Angie Nininger Township950
8 Stauber, Pete Pike Creek Township953
1 Hagedorn, Jim Walcott Township953
6 Emmer, Tom Maywood Township954
Stockholm Township959
7 Peterson, Collin Watkins City962
Winsted Township968
8 Stauber, Pete Biwabik City969
7 Peterson, Collin Rush Lake Township970
8 Stauber, Pete Nordland Township972
7 Peterson, Collin Millwood Township972
Forest Prairie Township972
1 Hagedorn, Jim Bancroft Township976
8 Stauber, Pete Taylors Falls City976
1 Hagedorn, Jim High Forest Township976
Houston City979
7 Peterson, Collin Albany Township980
Hallock City981
Krain Township981
8 Stauber, Pete North Carlton Unorganized982
7 Peterson, Collin Lake Andrew Township982
8 Stauber, Pete Nashwauk City983
Lake Emma Township985
7 Peterson, Collin Farming Township987
8 Stauber, Pete Chengwatana Township987
Scanlon City991
Buhl City1,000
East Gull Lake City1,004
1 Hagedorn, Jim Austin Township1,004
8 Stauber, Pete Lake Shore City1,004
7 Peterson, Collin Fergus Falls Township1,006
Bergen Township1,006
8 Stauber, Pete Nevis Township1,009
Elmdale Township1,010
7 Peterson, Collin Parkers Prairie City1,011
8 Stauber, Pete Clinton Township1,015
1 Hagedorn, Jim Madison Lake City1,017
Harmony City1,020
8 Stauber, Pete Ten Lake Township1,026
6 Emmer, Tom Victor Township1,032
8 Stauber, Pete Long Lake Township1,036
Grass Lake Township1,038
7 Peterson, Collin Cormorant Township1,039
6 Emmer, Tom Hollywood Township1,041
7 Peterson, Collin Bird Island City1,042
Eden Valley City1,042
8 Stauber, Pete Shafer City1,045
1 Hagedorn, Jim Elysian Township1,046
Kalmar Township1,046
8 Stauber, Pete Perch Lake Township1,046
Shafer Towship1,048
4 McCollum, Betty Lake St. Croix Beach City1,051
1 Hagedorn, Jim Belgrade Township1,052
7 Peterson, Collin Pine Lake Township1,053
Glenwood Township1,058
8 Stauber, Pete Barnum Township1,061
4 McCollum, Betty Dellwood City1,063
8 Stauber, Pete Sand Lake Unorganized1,066
Keewatin City1,068
Ideal Township1,069
2 Craig, Angie Cannon Falls Township1,070
8 Stauber, Pete Comfort Township1,078
6 Emmer, Tom Woodland Township1,082
8 Stauber, Pete Turtle River Township1,085
1 Hagedorn, Jim Salem Township1,086
2 Craig, Angie Wanamingo City1,086
8 Stauber, Pete Trout Lake Township1,087
7 Peterson, Collin Sauk Centre Township1,088
2 Craig, Angie Elgin City1,089
8 Stauber, Pete Bellevue Township1,093
1 Hagedorn, Jim Nicollet City1,093
7 Peterson, Collin Lake Mary Township1,098
8 Stauber, Pete Farm Island Township1,099
1 Hagedorn, Jim Rapidan Township1,101
Decoria Township1,104
8 Stauber, Pete Belle Prairie Township1,105
7 Peterson, Collin Baudette City1,106
2 Craig, Angie Marshan Township1,106
7 Peterson, Collin Collinwood Township1,113
1 Hagedorn, Jim Truman City1,115
2 Craig, Angie Stanton Township1,130
8 Stauber, Pete Harris City1,132
7 Peterson, Collin Atwater City1,133
8 Stauber, Pete Irondale Township1,134
1 Hagedorn, Jim Shieldsville Township1,137
Sherburn City1,137
8 Stauber, Pete Farden Township1,137
Silver Creek Township1,138
6 Emmer, Tom Holding Township1,139
1 Hagedorn, Jim Grand Meadow City1,139
7 Peterson, Collin Tyler City1,143
Acoma Township1,149
Hector City1,151
6 Emmer, Tom St. George Township1,153
8 Stauber, Pete Knife Lake Township1,156
Pine River Township1,156
Royalton Township1,163
Bowstring Lake Unorganized1,166
7 Peterson, Collin Spicer City1,167
6 Emmer, Tom French Lake Township1,172
7 Peterson, Collin Elbow Lake City1,176
2 Craig, Angie Goodhue City1,176
1 Hagedorn, Jim Wilson Township1,177
New Haven Township1,184
7 Peterson, Collin Edgerton City1,189
8 Stauber, Pete Scandia Valley Township1,191
2 Craig, Angie Vermillion Township1,192
1 Hagedorn, Jim Mantorville City1,197
7 Peterson, Collin New York Mills City1,199
1 Hagedorn, Jim New Richland City1,203
6 Emmer, Tom Watertown Township1,204
8 Stauber, Pete Stanchfield Township1,209
1 Hagedorn, Jim Adrian City1,209
7 Peterson, Collin Rocksbury Township1,211
Cottonwood City1,212
Mahnomen City1,214
1 Hagedorn, Jim Cannon City Township1,215
7 Peterson, Collin Hutchinson Township1,220
6 Emmer, Tom Waconia Township1,228
7 Peterson, Collin Ida Township1,228
1 Hagedorn, Jim Forest Township1,233
7 Peterson, Collin Fairfax City1,235
1 Hagedorn, Jim Wheatland Township1,237
8 Stauber, Pete Royalton City1,239
1 Hagedorn, Jim Medford City1,239
7 Peterson, Collin New London City1,251
6 Emmer, Tom Albion Township1,255
7 Peterson, Collin Kingston Township1,256
2 Craig, Angie Louisville Township1,266
8 Stauber, Pete Brevator Township1,269
Shamrock Township1,272
6 Emmer, Tom Rice City1,275
Dahlgren Township1,278
7 Peterson, Collin Renville City1,287
8 Stauber, Pete Greenbush Township1,293
1 Hagedorn, Jim Oronoco City1,300
7 Peterson, Collin Starbuck City1,302
6 Emmer, Tom Chatham Township1,302
8 Stauber, Pete Deerwood Township1,306
Menahga City1,306
6 Emmer, Tom Clearwater Township1,306
8 Stauber, Pete Makinen Unorg.1,310
6 Emmer, Tom Cokato Township1,311
7 Peterson, Collin Fulda City1,318
1 Hagedorn, Jim Warsaw Township1,320
Preston City1,325
Spring Grove City1,330
Woodville Township1,332
8 Stauber, Pete Brunswick Township1,333
Fredenberg Township1,337
1 Hagedorn, Jim Hayfield City1,340
2 Craig, Angie Castle Rock Township1,342
Greenfield Township1,349
8 Stauber, Pete Grand Marais City1,350
7 Peterson, Collin Frazee City1,350
1 Hagedorn, Jim Homer Township1,356
6 Emmer, Tom Waverly City1,357
7 Peterson, Collin Clara City1,360
2 Craig, Angie Dundas City1,367
8 Stauber, Pete Northeast Itasca Unorganized1,382
Milo Township1,385
7 Peterson, Collin Bagley City1,392
Minneota City1,392
8 Stauber, Pete Pierz City1,393
Todd Township1,393
7 Peterson, Collin Glyndon City1,394
8 Stauber, Pete Pine City Township1,394
1 Hagedorn, Jim Lime Township1,395
6 Emmer, Tom Avon City1,396
8 Stauber, Pete Moose Lake Township1,398
7 Peterson, Collin Winthrop City1,399
8 Stauber, Pete Midway Township1,399
Helga Township1,401
7 Peterson, Collin Appleton City1,412
8 Stauber, Pete Bogus Brook Township1,421
7 Peterson, Collin Paynesville Township1,421
6 Emmer, Tom Richmond City1,422
7 Peterson, Collin Wheaton City1,424
2 Craig, Angie Eureka Township1,426
7 Peterson, Collin Red Lake Falls City1,427
8 Stauber, Pete Frohn Township1,433
1 Hagedorn, Jim Winnebago City1,437
La Crescent Township1,446
8 Stauber, Pete Springvale Township1,447
7 Peterson, Collin Aurdal Township1,450
8 Stauber, Pete Stacy City1,456
2 Craig, Angie Jackson Township1,464
7 Peterson, Collin Dassel City1,469
3 Phillips, Dean Tonka Bay City1,475
8 Stauber, Pete Babbitt City1,475
1 Hagedorn, Jim Haverhill Township1,495
6 Emmer, Tom Fair Haven Township1,507
8 Stauber, Pete Shingobee Township1,514
7 Peterson, Collin Eckles Township1,516
6 Emmer, Tom Cologne City1,519
2 Craig, Angie Sand Creek Township1,521
6 Emmer, Tom Southside Township1,521
7 Peterson, Collin Dassel Township1,526
Fosston City1,527
Lake Eunice Township1,538
6 Emmer, Tom Clear Lake Township1,539
7 Peterson, Collin Dawson City1,540
6 Emmer, Tom Eden Lake Township1,542
7 Peterson, Collin Burlington Township1,545
8 Stauber, Pete White Township1,547
7 Peterson, Collin Madison City1,551
Warren City1,563
2 Craig, Angie Florence Township1,581
1 Hagedorn, Jim Kasota Township1,581
7 Peterson, Collin Green Lake Township1,582
8 Stauber, Pete Spencer Brook Township1,589
1 Hagedorn, Jim Wells Township1,594
8 Stauber, Pete Pike Bay Township1,610
Milaca Township1,617
1 Hagedorn, Jim Lewiston City1,620
8 Stauber, Pete Kathio Township1,627
Rock Creek City1,628
1 Hagedorn, Jim Rochester Township1,629
8 Stauber, Pete Henrietta Township1,642
7 Peterson, Collin Erie Township1,642
2 Craig, Angie Helena Township1,648
6 Emmer, Tom Minden Township1,664
3 Phillips, Dean Spring Park City1,669
1 Hagedorn, Jim South Bend Township1,682
8 Stauber, Pete Aurora City1,682
Little Falls Township1,682
Gnesen Township1,683
1 Hagedorn, Jim Morristown Township1,684
7 Peterson, Collin Lake View Township1,685
1 Hagedorn, Jim Lakefield City1,694
7 Peterson, Collin Ada City1,707
8 Stauber, Pete Windemere Township1,711
Borgholm Township1,718
4 McCollum, Betty Baytown Township1,723
8 Stauber, Pete Wyanett Township1,729
7 Peterson, Collin Lester Prairie City1,730
1 Hagedorn, Jim Rushford City1,731
6 Emmer, Tom Clearwater City1,735
2 Craig, Angie Denmark Township1,737
7 Peterson, Collin Osakis City1,740
6 Emmer, Tom Mayer City1,749
8 Stauber, Pete West Cook Unorganized1,756
1 Hagedorn, Jim Mapleton City1,756
6 Emmer, Tom Le Sauk Township1,766
3 Phillips, Dean Maple Plain City1,768
Long Lake City1,768
2 Craig, Angie Bridgewater Township1,772
8 Stauber, Pete North Branch Township1,779
7 Peterson, Collin Warroad City1,781
8 Stauber, Pete Oak Lawn Township1,792
Braham City1,793
7 Peterson, Collin Canby City1,795
4 McCollum, Betty Lakeland City1,796
7 Peterson, Collin Oakport Township1,797
8 Stauber, Pete Gilbert City1,799
Hinckley City1,800
6 Emmer, Tom Buffalo Township1,804
8 Stauber, Pete Franconia Township1,805
Fayal Township1,809
2 Craig, Angie Kenyon City1,815
8 Stauber, Pete Morse Township1,828
Arthur Township1,843
1 Hagedorn, Jim Waterville City1,868
8 Stauber, Pete Turtle Lake Township1,878
6 Emmer, Tom Maine Prairie Township1,887
8 Stauber, Pete Silver Bay City1,887
6 Emmer, Tom Santiago Township1,895
7 Peterson, Collin Ortonville City1,916
6 Emmer, Tom St. Joseph Township1,924
1 Hagedorn, Jim Mantorville Township1,926
6 Emmer, Tom Lynden Township1,938
8 Stauber, Pete Duluth Township1,941
Solway Township1,944
Nessel Township1,951
6 Emmer, Tom Howard Lake City1,962
8 Stauber, Pete Crow Wing Township1,966
1 Hagedorn, Jim Mankato Township1,969
8 Stauber, Pete Coleraine City1,970
Nisswa City1,971
1 Hagedorn, Jim Eyota City1,977
6 Emmer, Tom Haven Township1,986
8 Stauber, Pete Sunrise Township1,994
1 Hagedorn, Jim Blooming Prairie City1,996
8 Stauber, Pete Fish Lake Township2,012
Hoyt Lakes City2,017
7 Peterson, Collin Grant Valley Township2,029
Detroit Township2,033
1 Hagedorn, Jim Lanesburgh Township2,035
7 Peterson, Collin Carlos Township2,048
6 Emmer, Tom Maple Lake Township2,048
Lexington City2,049
Maple Lake City2,059
7 Peterson, Collin Hawley City2,067
8 Stauber, Pete Lake Edward Township2,085
7 Peterson, Collin Lake Township2,090
8 Stauber, Pete Lake No. 2 Unorganized2,094
1 Hagedorn, Jim Mountain Lake City2,104
8 Stauber, Pete Twin Lakes Township2,108
7 Peterson, Collin Staples City2,110
Dovre Township2,119
8 Stauber, Pete Crosslake City2,141
6 Emmer, Tom Marysville Township2,147
St. Wendel Township2,150
1 Hagedorn, Jim Springfield City2,152
7 Peterson, Collin Slayton City2,153
8 Stauber, Pete Canosia Township2,158
Pequot Lakes City2,162
7 Peterson, Collin Tracy City2,163
8 Stauber, Pete Aitkin City2,165
6 Emmer, Tom Blue Hill Township2,176
8 Stauber, Pete Athens Township2,177
3 Phillips, Dean Excelsior City2,188
8 Stauber, Pete Lakewood Township2,190
1 Hagedorn, Jim Oronoco Township2,220
7 Peterson, Collin Arlington City2,233
3 Phillips, Dean Laketown Township2,243
1 Hagedorn, Jim Janesville City2,256
8 Stauber, Pete Princeton Township2,256
Stanford Township2,267
3 Phillips, Dean St. Bonifacius City2,283
6 Emmer, Tom Avon Township2,294
7 Peterson, Collin Gaylord City2,305
1 Hagedorn, Jim Madelia City2,308
8 Stauber, Pete Isanti Township2,313
6 Emmer, Tom Corinna Township2,322
Silver Creek Township2,335
2 Craig, Angie Ravenna Township2,336
1 Hagedorn, Jim Wells City2,343
8 Stauber, Pete Breezy Point City2,346
6 Emmer, Tom Palmer Township2,354
7 Peterson, Collin Winsted City2,355
4 McCollum, Betty Stillwater Township2,366
8 Stauber, Pete Cambridge Township2,379
4 McCollum, Betty Lauderdale City2,379
8 Stauber, Pete Crosby City2,386
1 Hagedorn, Jim Eagle Lake City2,422
3 Phillips, Dean Osseo City2,430
7 Peterson, Collin Paynesville City2,432
2 Craig, Angie Empire Township2,444
6 Emmer, Tom Rockville City2,448
7 Peterson, Collin Pelican Rapids City2,464
1 Hagedorn, Jim Spring Valley City2,479
7 Peterson, Collin Olivia City2,484
1 Hagedorn, Jim Le Center City2,499
2 Craig, Angie Wabasha City2,521
1 Hagedorn, Jim Lake Crystal City2,549
2 Craig, Angie Pine Island City2,560
7 Peterson, Collin Albany City2,561
Barnesville City2,563
Glenwood City2,564
3 Phillips, Dean Hassan Township2,600
6 Emmer, Tom Foley City2,603
7 Peterson, Collin Roseau City2,633
1 Hagedorn, Jim Dodge Center City2,670
6 Emmer, Tom Cokato City2,694
8 Stauber, Pete Cohasset City2,698
Sylvan Township2,702
6 Emmer, Tom Brockway Township2,702
8 Stauber, Pete Pokegama Township2,743
Moose Lake City2,751
6 Emmer, Tom Wakefield Township2,756
Franklin Township2,760
May Township2,776
3 Phillips, Dean Greenfield City2,777
1 Hagedorn, Jim Chatfield City2,779
2 Craig, Angie Cedar Lake Township2,779
8 Stauber, Pete Grand Lake Township2,779
1 Hagedorn, Jim Cascade Township2,815
6 Emmer, Tom Montrose City2,847
8 Stauber, Pete Sandstone City2,849
1 Hagedorn, Jim Caledonia City2,868
8 Stauber, Pete Mountain Iron City2,869
4 McCollum, Betty Afton City2,886
7 Peterson, Collin Granite Falls City2,897
6 Emmer, Tom Hanover City2,938
7 Peterson, Collin New London Township2,943
8 Stauber, Pete Milaca City2,946
1 Hagedorn, Jim Montgomery City2,956
7 Peterson, Collin Perham City2,985
1 Hagedorn, Jim New Prague City3,041
8 Stauber, Pete Proctor City3,057
Rush City3,079
Lent Township3,091
6 Emmer, Tom Watab Township3,093
8 Stauber, Pete Pine City3,123
7 Peterson, Collin Bemidji Township3,134
6 Emmer, Tom Monticello Township3,181
Rockford Township3,194
Annandale City3,228
7 Peterson, Collin Benson City3,240
2 Craig, Angie Zumbrota City3,252
8 Stauber, Pete Harris Township3,253
1 Hagedorn, Jim Jackson City3,299
6 Emmer, Tom St. Augusta City3,317
2 Craig, Angie Plainview City3,340
6 Emmer, Tom Collegeville Township3,343
1 Hagedorn, Jim Blue Earth City3,353
8 Stauber, Pete Bradford Township3,380
7 Peterson, Collin Breckenridge City3,386
4 McCollum, Betty Newport City3,435
2 Craig, Angie New Market Township3,440
6 Emmer, Tom Orrock Township3,451
7 Peterson, Collin Long Prairie City3,458
8 Stauber, Pete Ely City3,460
4 McCollum, Betty Bayport City3,471
8 Stauber, Pete Deer Lake Unorganized3,495
3 Phillips, Dean Independence City3,504
6 Emmer, Tom Norwood Young America City3,549
8 Stauber, Pete Mora City3,571
7 Peterson, Collin Melrose City3,598
1 Hagedorn, Jim Sleepy Eye City3,599
2 Craig, Angie Spring Lake Township3,631
3 Phillips, Dean Deephaven City3,642
1 Hagedorn, Jim Marion Township3,653
Lonsdale City3,674
3 Phillips, Dean Wayzata City3,688
8 Stauber, Pete Park Rapids City3,709
Eveleth City3,718
6 Emmer, Tom Carver City3,724
1 Hagedorn, Jim St. Charles City3,735
8 Stauber, Pete Two Harbors City3,745
6 Emmer, Tom Centerville City3,792
8 Stauber, Pete Rainy Lake Unorganized3,810
6 Emmer, Tom Columbus Township3,914
Scandia City3,936
8 Stauber, Pete Wadena City4,022
7 Peterson, Collin Dilworth City4,024
6 Emmer, Tom Cold Spring City4,025
1 Hagedorn, Jim Goodview City4,036
4 McCollum, Betty West Lakeland Township4,046
1 Hagedorn, Jim Le Sueur City4,048
2 Craig, Angie Cannon Falls City4,083
8 Stauber, Pete Rice Lake Township4,095
4 McCollum, Betty Grant City4,096
7 Peterson, Collin Alexandria Township4,098
2 Craig, Angie Elko New Market City4,110
6 Emmer, Tom Watertown City4,205
7 Peterson, Collin La Grand Township4,210
2 Craig, Angie New Prague City4,280
8 Stauber, Pete Northern Township4,302
6 Emmer, Tom Rockford City4,316
7 Peterson, Collin Pipestone City4,317
Sauk Centre City4,317
4 McCollum, Betty Oak Park Heights City4,339
8 Stauber, Pete Lindstrom City4,442
6 Emmer, Tom Nowthen City4,443
4 McCollum, Betty North Oaks City4,469
6 Emmer, Tom Becker City4,538
1 Hagedorn, Jim St. James City4,605
3 Phillips, Dean Dayton City4,617
7 Peterson, Collin Windom City4,646
8 Stauber, Pete Princeton City4,648
Chisago Lake Township4,656
1 Hagedorn, Jim Luverne City4,745
La Crescent City4,830
6 Emmer, Tom Becker Township4,842
3 Phillips, Dean Medina City4,892
1 Hagedorn, Jim Byron City4,914
6 Emmer, Tom Circle Pines City4,918
8 Stauber, Pete Chisago City4,967
Chisholm City4,976
2 Craig, Angie St. Paul Park City4,993
8 Stauber, Pete Thomson Township5,003
2 Craig, Angie Lake City5,063
Credit River Township5,096
6 Emmer, Tom Linwood Township5,123
Zimmerman City5,228
8 Stauber, Pete Isanti City5,251
7 Peterson, Collin Redwood Falls City5,254
Morris City5,286
4 McCollum, Betty Falcon Heights City5,321
3 Phillips, Dean Corcoran City5,379
7 Peterson, Collin Montevideo City5,383
8 Stauber, Pete First Assessment Unorg Terr5,424
6 Emmer, Tom Delano City5,464
2 Craig, Angie Jordan City5,470
7 Peterson, Collin Glencoe City5,631
Lower Red Lake Unorganized5,803
1 Hagedorn, Jim Stewartville City5,916
Kasson City5,931
6 Emmer, Tom Livonia Township5,951
5 Omar, Ilhan Spring Lake Park City6,234
3 Phillips, Dean Minnetrista City6,384
8 Stauber, Pete International Falls City6,424
6 Emmer, Tom St. Joseph City6,534
2 Craig, Angie Belle Plaine City6,661
6 Emmer, Tom Waite Park City6,715
7 Peterson, Collin Litchfield City6,726
6 Emmer, Tom Baldwin Township6,739
St. Francis City7,218
3 Phillips, Dean Shorewood City7,307
Victoria City7,345
6 Emmer, Tom Big Lake Township7,386
3 Phillips, Dean Orono City7,437
8 Stauber, Pete Baxter City7,610
4 McCollum, Betty Mahtomedi City7,676
8 Stauber, Pete Wyoming City7,791
7 Peterson, Collin Crookston City7,891
6 Emmer, Tom Oak Grove City8,031
4 McCollum, Betty Lake Elmo City8,069
8 Stauber, Pete Cambridge City8,111
5 Omar, Ilhan St. Anthony City8,226
8 Stauber, Pete Little Falls City8,343
7 Peterson, Collin Detroit Lakes City8,569
Thief River Falls City8,573
3 Phillips, Dean Rogers City8,597
7 Peterson, Collin East Grand Forks City8,601
8 Stauber, Pete Virginia City8,712
3 Phillips, Dean Mound City9,052
1 Hagedorn, Jim Waseca City9,410
8 Stauber, Pete Hermantown Township9,414
4 McCollum, Betty Arden Hills City9,552
Little Canada City9,773
6 Emmer, Tom Big Lake City10,060
8 Stauber, Pete North Branch City10,125
1 Hagedorn, Jim Fairmont City10,666
6 Emmer, Tom Waconia City10,697
8 Stauber, Pete Grand Rapids City10,869
4 McCollum, Betty White Bear Township10,949
7 Peterson, Collin Alexandria City11,070
2 Craig, Angie Mendota Heights City11,071
1 Hagedorn, Jim St. Peter City11,196
4 McCollum, Betty North St. Paul City11,460
6 Emmer, Tom East Bethel City11,626
8 Stauber, Pete Cloquet City12,124
4 McCollum, Betty Mounds View City12,155
Vadnais Heights City12,302
6 Emmer, Tom Monticello City12,759
1 Hagedorn, Jim Worthington City12,764
6 Emmer, Tom Sauk Rapids City12,773
7 Peterson, Collin Fergus Falls City13,138
6 Emmer, Tom Hugo City13,332
5 Omar, Ilhan Edina City13,369
1 Hagedorn, Jim North Mankato City13,394
7 Peterson, Collin Bemidji City13,431
1 Hagedorn, Jim New Ulm City13,522
6 Emmer, Tom Otsego City13,571
8 Stauber, Pete Brainerd City13,590
7 Peterson, Collin Marshall City13,680
5 Omar, Ilhan Robbinsdale City13,953
7 Peterson, Collin Hutchinson City14,178
6 Emmer, Tom Ham Lake City15,296
Buffalo City15,453
Sartell City15,876
8 Stauber, Pete Hibbing City16,361
6 Emmer, Tom St. Michael City16,399
2 Craig, Angie Red Wing City16,459
6 Emmer, Tom Anoka City17,142
5 Omar, Ilhan Hopkins City17,591
1 Hagedorn, Jim Albert Lea City18,016
4 McCollum, Betty Stillwater City18,225
6 Emmer, Tom Forest Lake City18,375
5 Omar, Ilhan Columbia Heights City19,496
2 Craig, Angie West St. Paul City19,540
7 Peterson, Collin Willmar City19,610
2 Craig, Angie Northfield City20,007
South St. Paul City20,160
6 Emmer, Tom Lino Lakes City20,216
5 Omar, Ilhan New Hope City20,339
Golden Valley City20,371
2 Craig, Angie Farmington City21,086
4 McCollum, Betty New Brighton City21,456
2 Craig, Angie Rosemount City21,874
5 Omar, Ilhan Crystal City22,151
2 Craig, Angie Hastings City22,172
Prior Lake City22,796
3 Phillips, Dean Chanhassen City22,952
6 Emmer, Tom Elk River City22,974
3 Phillips, Dean Champlin City23,089
1 Hagedorn, Jim Faribault City23,352
6 Emmer, Tom Ramsey City23,668
3 Phillips, Dean Chaska City23,770
4 McCollum, Betty White Bear Lake City23,797
1 Hagedorn, Jim Austin City24,718
4 McCollum, Betty Shoreview City25,043
1 Hagedorn, Jim Owatonna City25,599
2 Craig, Angie Savage City26,911
5 Omar, Ilhan Fridley City27,208
4 McCollum, Betty Oakdale City27,378
1 Hagedorn, Jim Winona City27,592
5 Omar, Ilhan Brooklyn Center City30,104
6 Emmer, Tom Andover City30,598
4 McCollum, Betty Roseville City33,660
2 Craig, Angie Inver Grove Heights City33,880
3 Phillips, Dean Edina City34,572
2 Craig, Angie Cottage Grove City34,589
5 Omar, Ilhan Richfield City35,228
2 Craig, Angie Shakopee City37,076
4 McCollum, Betty Maplewood City38,018
7 Peterson, Collin Moorhead City38,065
1 Hagedorn, Jim Mankato City39,309
5 Omar, Ilhan St. Louis Park City45,250
2 Craig, Angie Apple Valley City49,084
3 Phillips, Dean Minnetonka City49,734
2 Craig, Angie Lakeville City55,954
6 Emmer, Tom Blaine City57,186
2 Craig, Angie Burnsville City60,306
3 Phillips, Dean Eden Prairie City60,797
Coon Rapids City61,476
Maple Grove City61,567
4 McCollum, Betty Woodbury City61,961
2 Craig, Angie Eagan City64,206
6 Emmer, Tom St. Cloud City65,842
3 Phillips, Dean Plymouth City70,576
Brooklyn Park City75,781
Bloomington City82,893
8 Stauber, Pete Duluth City86,265
1 Hagedorn, Jim Rochester City106,769
4 McCollum, Betty St. Paul City285,068
5 Omar, Ilhan Minneapolis City382,578