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Congressional District Information | School Districts


District Name School District Population
7 Fischbach, Michelle A.C.G.C. Public School District5,731
1 Finstad, Brad Adrian Public School District2,303
8 Stauber, Pete Aitkin Public School District9,492
7 Fischbach, Michelle Albany Public School District8,970
6 Emmer, Tom Albany Public School District400
1 Finstad, Brad Albert Lea Public School District23,568
Alden-Conger Public School District1,523
7 Fischbach, Michelle Alexandria Public School District31,644
6 Emmer, Tom Annandale Public School District10,838
7 Fischbach, Michelle Annandale Public School District21
6 Emmer, Tom Anoka-Hennepin Public School District110,672
3 Phillips, Dean Anoka-Hennepin Public School District130,085
5 Omar, Ilhan Anoka-Hennepin Public School District6,619
7 Fischbach, Michelle Ashby Public School District1,467
1 Finstad, Brad Austin Public School District29,379
7 Fischbach, Michelle Badger Public School District1,099
8 Stauber, Pete Bagley Public School District5,815
7 Fischbach, Michelle Barnesville Public School District4,713
8 Stauber, Pete Barnum Public School District3,899
7 Fischbach, Michelle Battle Lake Public School District4,091
6 Emmer, Tom Becker Public School District12,168
7 Fischbach, Michelle Belgrade-Brooten-Elrosa Public School District4,125
2 Craig, Angie Belle Plaine Public School District8,519
6 Emmer, Tom Belle Plaine Public School District558
7 Fischbach, Michelle Belle Plaine Public School District710
8 Stauber, Pete Bemidji Public School District38,981
7 Fischbach, Michelle Benson Public School District5,663
Bertha-Hewitt Public School District3,763
6 Emmer, Tom Big Lake Public School District19,573
7 Fischbach, Michelle Bird Island-Olivia-Lake Lillian Public School District4,802
8 Stauber, Pete Blackduck Public School District3,978
1 Finstad, Brad Blooming Prairie Public School Dist4,097
2 Craig, Angie Bloomington Public School District0
3 Phillips, Dean Bloomington Public School District89,974
5 Omar, Ilhan Bloomington Public School District0
1 Finstad, Brad Blue Earth Area Public School7,780
8 Stauber, Pete Braham Public School District6,035
Brainerd Public School District44,915
7 Fischbach, Michelle Brainerd Public School District5
Brandon-Evansville Public Schools3,643
Breckenridge Public School District4,888
5 Omar, Ilhan Brooklyn Center School District9,891
7 Fischbach, Michelle Browerville Public School District3,795
Browns Valley Public School District746
3 Phillips, Dean Buffalo-Hanover-Montrose Public Sch3,395
6 Emmer, Tom Buffalo-Hanover-Montrose Public Sch30,967
7 Fischbach, Michelle Buffalo Lake-Hector-Stewart Public Schools3,877
2 Craig, Angie Burnsville Public School District71,881
1 Finstad, Brad Butterfield Public School District1,189
7 Fischbach, Michelle Butterfield Public School District5
1 Finstad, Brad Byron Public School District8,870
Caledonia Public School District6,050
8 Stauber, Pete Cambridge-Isanti Public School District31,695
7 Fischbach, Michelle Campbell-Tintah Public School District711
Canby Public School District3,397
2 Craig, Angie Cannon Falls Public School District168
1 Finstad, Brad Cannon Falls Public School District7,800
8 Stauber, Pete Carlton Public School District4,448
Cass Lake-Bena Public Schools4,602
7 Fischbach, Michelle Cedar Mountain School District2,214
1 Finstad, Brad Cedar Mountain School District142
6 Emmer, Tom Centennial Public School District34,785
Central Public School District8,599
7 Fischbach, Michelle Central Public School District98
1 Finstad, Brad Chatfield Public Schools5,134
8 Stauber, Pete Chisago Lakes School District22,324
Chisholm Public School District5,573
7 Fischbach, Michelle Chokio-Alberta Public Schools1,189
8 Stauber, Pete Clearbrook-Gonvick School District2,639
7 Fischbach, Michelle Clearbrook-Gonvick School District227
2 Craig, Angie Cleveland Public School District2,526
1 Finstad, Brad Cleveland Public School District101
7 Fischbach, Michelle Climax-Shelly Public Schools768
8 Stauber, Pete Cloquet Public School District14,738
5 Omar, Ilhan Columbia Heights Public School District27,904
1 Finstad, Brad Comfrey Public School District130
7 Fischbach, Michelle Comfrey Public School District934
8 Stauber, Pete Cook County Public Schools5,593
Cromwell-Wright Public Schools1,817
7 Fischbach, Michelle Crookston Public School District9,194
8 Stauber, Pete Crosby-Ironton Public School District10,611
6 Emmer, Tom Dassel-Cokato Public School District5,808
7 Fischbach, Michelle Dassel-Cokato Public School District4,681
Dawson-Boyd Public School District2,838
8 Stauber, Pete Deer River Public School District5,443
6 Emmer, Tom Delano Public School District9,080
3 Phillips, Dean Delano Public School District3,024
7 Fischbach, Michelle Detroit Lakes Public School District17,121
8 Stauber, Pete Detroit Lakes Public School District1,042
7 Fischbach, Michelle Dilworth-Glyndon-Felton6,593
1 Finstad, Brad Dover-Eyota Public School District4,247
8 Stauber, Pete Duluth Public School District94,178
East Central School District6,504
6 Emmer, Tom Eastern Carver County Public Schools62,241
7 Fischbach, Michelle East Grand Forks Public School Dist10,590
3 Phillips, Dean Eden Prairie Public School District60,677
7 Fischbach, Michelle Eden Valley-Watkins School District4,782
Edgerton Public School District1,938
1 Finstad, Brad Edgerton Public School District454
3 Phillips, Dean Edina Public School District32,266
5 Omar, Ilhan Edina Public School District10,855
3 Phillips, Dean Elk River School District13,257
6 Emmer, Tom Elk River School District65,978
1 Finstad, Brad Ellsworth Public School District933
8 Stauber, Pete Ely Public School District4,820
Esko Public School District5,487
1 Finstad, Brad Fairmont Area School District12,481
2 Craig, Angie Faribault Public School District1,397
1 Finstad, Brad Faribault Public School District29,921
2 Craig, Angie Farmington Public School District37,595
7 Fischbach, Michelle Fergus Falls Public School District19,795
Fertile-Beltrami School District2,790
1 Finstad, Brad Fillmore Central4,909
7 Fischbach, Michelle Fisher Public School District1,005
8 Stauber, Pete Floodwood Public School District1,474
7 Fischbach, Michelle Foley Public School District596
6 Emmer, Tom Foley Public School District8,953
8 Stauber, Pete Forest Lake Public School District33,124
6 Emmer, Tom Forest Lake Public School District16,162
7 Fischbach, Michelle Fosston Public School District3,155
8 Stauber, Pete Fosston Public School District501
Franconia Public School District260
Frazee-Vergas Public School District5
7 Fischbach, Michelle Frazee-Vergas Public School District6,987
5 Omar, Ilhan Fridley Public School District17,319
1 Finstad, Brad Fulda Public School District544
7 Fischbach, Michelle Fulda Public School District1,908
1 Finstad, Brad GFW Public Schools304
7 Fischbach, Michelle GFW Public Schools5,635
Glencoe-Silver Lake School District12,808
6 Emmer, Tom Glencoe-Silver Lake School District9
1 Finstad, Brad Glenville-Emmons School District2,389
Goodhue Public School District3,193
7 Fischbach, Michelle Goodridge Public School District841
1 Finstad, Brad Granada Huntley East Chain1,714
Grand Meadow Public School District1,933
8 Stauber, Pete Grand Rapids Public School District27,576
7 Fischbach, Michelle Greenbush-Middle River School Dist.2,554
8 Stauber, Pete Greenway Public School District8,473
Grygla Public School District284
7 Fischbach, Michelle Grygla Public School District666
Hancock Public School District1,490
2 Craig, Angie Hastings Public School District31,845
1 Finstad, Brad Hastings Public School District42
4 McCollum, Betty Hastings Public School District0
7 Fischbach, Michelle Hawley Public School District4,688
1 Finstad, Brad Hayfield Public School District4,608
7 Fischbach, Michelle Hendricks Public School District983
Henning Public School District3,040
Herman-Norcross School District872
8 Stauber, Pete Hermantown Public School District12,337
1 Finstad, Brad Heron Lake-Okabena School District1,435
7 Fischbach, Michelle Heron Lake-Okabena School District60
8 Stauber, Pete Hibbing Public School District17,385
Hill City Public School District1,616
1 Finstad, Brad Hills-Beaver Creek School District1,991
8 Stauber, Pete Hinckley-Finlayson School District6,908
6 Emmer, Tom Holdingford Public School District123
7 Fischbach, Michelle Holdingford Public School District4,833
5 Omar, Ilhan Hopkins Public School District10,974
3 Phillips, Dean Hopkins Public School District57,620
1 Finstad, Brad Houston Public School District2,827
7 Fischbach, Michelle Howard Lake-Waverly-Winsted2,591
6 Emmer, Tom Howard Lake-Waverly-Winsted6,846
7 Fischbach, Michelle Hutchinson Public School District18,575
8 Stauber, Pete International Falls School District9,177
2 Craig, Angie Inver Grove Heights Schools29,262
8 Stauber, Pete Isle Public School District3,292
7 Fischbach, Michelle Ivanhoe Public School District1,265
1 Finstad, Brad Jackson County Central School District7,736
2 Craig, Angie Jordan Public School District10,203
1 Finstad, Brad Kasson-Mantorville School District10,674
8 Stauber, Pete Kelliher Public School District1,041
1 Finstad, Brad Kenyon-Wanamingo School District5,449
7 Fischbach, Michelle Kerkhoven-Murdock-Sunburg2,914
6 Emmer, Tom Kimball Public School District1,333
7 Fischbach, Michelle Kimball Public School District3,302
1 Finstad, Brad Kingsland Public School District5,165
7 Fischbach, Michelle Kittson Central School District1,828
Lac qui Parle Valley School District6,277
1 Finstad, Brad La Crescent-Hokah School District8,371
7 Fischbach, Michelle Lake Benton Public School District1,378
1 Finstad, Brad Lake City Public School District8,734
Lake Crystal-Wellcome Memorial6,163
8 Stauber, Pete Lake of the Woods School District3,385
Lake Park Audubon School District27
7 Fischbach, Michelle Lake Park Audubon School District5,641
8 Stauber, Pete Lake Superior Public School Dist.13,490
7 Fischbach, Michelle Lakeview School District2,603
2 Craig, Angie Lakeville Public School District60,894
7 Fischbach, Michelle Lancaster Public School District852
1 Finstad, Brad Lanesboro Public School District1,784
8 Stauber, Pete Laporte Public School District1,716
1 Finstad, Brad LeRoy-Ostrander Public Schools1,988
7 Fischbach, Michelle Lester Prairie Public School Dist.3,090
6 Emmer, Tom Lester Prairie Public School Dist.3
7 Fischbach, Michelle Le Sueur-Henderson School District2,027
1 Finstad, Brad Le Sueur-Henderson School District118
2 Craig, Angie Le Sueur-Henderson School District5,435
1 Finstad, Brad Lewiston-Altura Public School District4,084
7 Fischbach, Michelle Litchfield Public School District11,473
Little Falls Public School District17,690
8 Stauber, Pete Little Falls Public School District15
Littlefork-Big Falls School Dist.1,479
7 Fischbach, Michelle Long Prairie-Grey Eagle School District8,887
1 Finstad, Brad Luverne Public School District7,223
Lyle Public School District1,111
7 Fischbach, Michelle Lynd Public School District979
1 Finstad, Brad Mabel-Canton Public School District2,346
7 Fischbach, Michelle MACCRAY School District4,668
1 Finstad, Brad Madelia Public School District3,400
7 Fischbach, Michelle Mahnomen Public School District30
8 Stauber, Pete Mahnomen Public School District3,754
Mahtomedi Public School District735
4 McCollum, Betty Mahtomedi Public School District13,519
2 Craig, Angie Mankato Public School District225
1 Finstad, Brad Mankato Public School District69,488
6 Emmer, Tom Maple Lake Public School District5,182
1 Finstad, Brad Maple River School District5,765
7 Fischbach, Michelle Marshall County Central Schools1,905
Marshall Public School District15,593
1 Finstad, Brad Martin County West School District4,299
8 Stauber, Pete McGregor Public School District3,922
1 Finstad, Brad Medford Public School District3,208
7 Fischbach, Michelle Melrose Public School District8,596
Menahga Public School District4,096
8 Stauber, Pete Mesabi East School District7,464
7 Fischbach, Michelle Milaca Public School District451
8 Stauber, Pete Milaca Public School District11,215
6 Emmer, Tom Milaca Public School District344
7 Fischbach, Michelle Milroy Public School District651
5 Omar, Ilhan Minneapolis Public School District429,956
7 Fischbach, Michelle Minneota Public School District2,500
3 Phillips, Dean Minnetonka Public School District33,705
6 Emmer, Tom Minnetonka Public School District8,441
7 Fischbach, Michelle Minnewaska School District9,711
Montevideo Public School District7,477
6 Emmer, Tom Monticello Public School District22,874
7 Fischbach, Michelle Moorhead Area Public School District48,025
8 Stauber, Pete Moose Lake Public School District5,869
Mora Public School District11,007
7 Fischbach, Michelle Morris Area Public Schools7,675
4 McCollum, Betty Mounds View Public School District80,106
8 Stauber, Pete Mountain Iron-Buhl School District4,571
1 Finstad, Brad Mountain Lake Public Schools52
7 Fischbach, Michelle Mountain Lake Public Schools2,870
Murray County Central School Dist.4,629
1 Finstad, Brad Murray County Central School Dist.21
8 Stauber, Pete Nashwauk-Keewatin School District3,732
Nett Lake Public School District319
7 Fischbach, Michelle Nevis Public School District2,616
8 Stauber, Pete Nevis Public School District39
7 Fischbach, Michelle New London-Spicer School District9,297
2 Craig, Angie New Prague Area Schools20,300
1 Finstad, Brad New Ulm Public School District19,810
7 Fischbach, Michelle New York Mills Public School Dist.3,844
1 Finstad, Brad Nicollet Public School District2,507
7 Fischbach, Michelle Norman County East School District2,029
8 Stauber, Pete North Branch Area Public Schools20,964
2 Craig, Angie Northfield Public School District28,735
1 Finstad, Brad Northfield Public School District500
8 Stauber, Pete Northland Community Schools4,566
4 McCollum, Betty North St. Paul-Maplewood Oakdale Public School District83,395
1 Finstad, Brad NRHEG School District5,192
8 Stauber, Pete Ogilvie Public School District3,420
7 Fischbach, Michelle Onamia Public School District828
8 Stauber, Pete Onamia Public School District4,613
3 Phillips, Dean Orono Public School District12,711
7 Fischbach, Michelle Ortonville Public Schools3,501
Osakis Public School District4,076
5 Omar, Ilhan Osseo Public School District12,143
3 Phillips, Dean Osseo Public School District142,694
1 Finstad, Brad Owatonna Public School District30,167
7 Fischbach, Michelle Parkers Prairie Public School Dist.2,992
Park Rapids Public School District9,632
8 Stauber, Pete Park Rapids Public School District2,734
7 Fischbach, Michelle Paynesville Public School District5,970
Pelican Rapids Public School District7,634
8 Stauber, Pete Pequot Lakes Public Schools10,949
7 Fischbach, Michelle Perham-Dent Public School District11,544
8 Stauber, Pete Pierz Public School District23
6 Emmer, Tom Pierz Public School District8
7 Fischbach, Michelle Pierz Public School District5,402
Pillager Public School District591
8 Stauber, Pete Pillager Public School District5,092
Pine City Public School District10,741
1 Finstad, Brad Pine Island Public School District6,961
7 Fischbach, Michelle Pine Point Public School District1
8 Stauber, Pete Pine Point Public School District276
Pine River-Backus School District7,807
7 Fischbach, Michelle Pipestone Area School District7,081
1 Finstad, Brad Pipestone Area School District362
6 Emmer, Tom Princeton Public School District9,946
8 Stauber, Pete Princeton Public School District11,282
7 Fischbach, Michelle Prinsburg Public School District782
2 Craig, Angie Prior Lake-Savage Area Schools46,501
8 Stauber, Pete Proctor Public School District12,689
2 Craig, Angie Randolph Public School District2,235
1 Finstad, Brad Randolph Public School District285
7 Fischbach, Michelle Red Lake County Central Public Schools1,991
Red Lake Falls Public School Dist.2,189
8 Stauber, Pete Red Lake Public School District5,509
7 Fischbach, Michelle Red Rock Central School District3,201
1 Finstad, Brad Red Wing Public School District19,804
7 Fischbach, Michelle Redwood Area School District8,071
Renville County West School District4,069
3 Phillips, Dean Richfield Public School District6,095
5 Omar, Ilhan Richfield Public School District37,458
3 Phillips, Dean Robbinsdale Public School District24,406
5 Omar, Ilhan Robbinsdale Public School District80,280
1 Finstad, Brad Rochester Public School District135,602
3 Phillips, Dean Rockford Public School District4,723
6 Emmer, Tom Rockford Public School District5,348
8 Stauber, Pete Rock Ridge Public Schools18,806
7 Fischbach, Michelle Rocori Public School District9,967
6 Emmer, Tom Rocori Public School District2,830
7 Fischbach, Michelle Roseau Public School District6,680
2 Craig, Angie Rosemount-Apple Valley-Eagan163,048
4 McCollum, Betty Roseville Public School District58,239
5 Omar, Ilhan Roseville Public School District0
7 Fischbach, Michelle Rothsay Public School District1,055
1 Finstad, Brad Round Lake-Brewster Public Schools1,608
6 Emmer, Tom Royalton Public School District501
7 Fischbach, Michelle Royalton Public School District3,492
RTR Public Schools3,382
8 Stauber, Pete Rush City Public School District6,724
1 Finstad, Brad Rushford-Peterson Public Schools4,135
6 Emmer, Tom Sartell-St. Stephen School District18,028
7 Fischbach, Michelle Sartell-St. Stephen School District2,667
Sauk Centre Public School District8,083
6 Emmer, Tom Sauk Rapids-Rice Public Schools24,742
7 Fischbach, Michelle Sebeka Public School District3,005
8 Stauber, Pete Sebeka Public School District10
2 Craig, Angie Shakopee Public School District49,582
6 Emmer, Tom Shakopee Public School District0
1 Finstad, Brad Sibley East School District180
7 Fischbach, Michelle Sibley East School District7,424
Sleepy Eye Public School District374
1 Finstad, Brad Sleepy Eye Public School District4,763
8 Stauber, Pete South Koochiching School District1,279
1 Finstad, Brad Southland Public School District3,256
2 Craig, Angie South St. Paul Public School District20,514
South Washington County Schools55,451
4 McCollum, Betty South Washington County Schools52,575
7 Fischbach, Michelle Springfield Public School District3,230
1 Finstad, Brad Spring Grove School District2,109
3 Phillips, Dean Spring Lake Park Public Schools0
5 Omar, Ilhan Spring Lake Park Public Schools12,761
6 Emmer, Tom Spring Lake Park Public Schools22,190
5 Omar, Ilhan St. Anthony-New Brighton Schools9,257
4 McCollum, Betty St. Anthony-New Brighton Schools1,776
7 Fischbach, Michelle Staples-Motley School District8,517
8 Stauber, Pete Staples-Motley School District1,572
1 Finstad, Brad St. Charles Public School District6,094
St. Clair Public School District2,544
6 Emmer, Tom St. Cloud Public School District101,829
7 Fischbach, Michelle St. Cloud Public School District480
Stephen-Argyle Central Schools1,763
1 Finstad, Brad Stewartville Public School District9,539
6 Emmer, Tom St. Francis Area Schools31,306
8 Stauber, Pete St. Francis Area Schools2,438
2 Craig, Angie Stillwater Area Public Schools4
8 Stauber, Pete Stillwater Area Public Schools5,134
4 McCollum, Betty Stillwater Area Public Schools61,472
1 Finstad, Brad St. James Public School District6,652
8 Stauber, Pete St. Louis County School District17,488
5 Omar, Ilhan St. Louis Park Public School District47,895
3 Phillips, Dean St. Louis Park Public School District357
6 Emmer, Tom St. Michael-Albertville School District25,071
5 Omar, Ilhan St. Paul Public School District0
4 McCollum, Betty St. Paul Public School District311,527
2 Craig, Angie St. Peter Public School District2,121
1 Finstad, Brad St. Peter Public School District13,291
7 Fischbach, Michelle Swanville Public School District1,778
Thief River Falls School District13,514
Tracy Area Public School District4,945
2 Craig, Angie Tri-City United School District13,561
7 Fischbach, Michelle Tri-County School District1,970
1 Finstad, Brad Triton School District6,879
Truman Public School District2,234
7 Fischbach, Michelle Ulen-Hitterdal Public School Dist1,591
Underwood Public School District2,449
1 Finstad, Brad United South Central School District5,868
7 Fischbach, Michelle Upsala Public School District2,051
Verndale Public School District1,681
1 Finstad, Brad Wabasha-Kellogg Public School District5,239
7 Fischbach, Michelle Wabasso Public School District2,506
6 Emmer, Tom Waconia Public School District17,826
3 Phillips, Dean Waconia Public School District4,544
7 Fischbach, Michelle Wadena-Deer Creek School District7,972
8 Stauber, Pete Walker-Hackensack-Akeley School District6,328
7 Fischbach, Michelle Walker-Hackensack-Akeley School District1,241
Warren-Alvarado-Oslo School District3,617
8 Stauber, Pete Warroad Public School District378
7 Fischbach, Michelle Warroad Public School District5,701
1 Finstad, Brad Waseca Public School District12,224
2 Craig, Angie Waseca Public School District5
3 Phillips, Dean Watertown-Mayer Public School District724
6 Emmer, Tom Watertown-Mayer Public School District10,019
2 Craig, Angie Waterville-Elysian-Morristown Public School District5,979
1 Finstad, Brad Waterville-Elysian-Morristown Public School District394
7 Fischbach, Michelle Waubun-Ogema-White Earth Schools46
8 Stauber, Pete Waubun-Ogema-White Earth Schools3,287
3 Phillips, Dean Wayzata Public School District73,197
7 Fischbach, Michelle Westbrook-Walnut Grove Schools2,772
West Central Area5,231
3 Phillips, Dean Westonka Public School District19,857
2 Craig, Angie West St. Paul-Mendota Heights-Eagan45,326
7 Fischbach, Michelle Wheaton Area Public School District2,115
8 Stauber, Pete White Bear Lake School District13,141
6 Emmer, Tom White Bear Lake School District1,731
4 McCollum, Betty White Bear Lake School District50,703
7 Fischbach, Michelle Willmar Public School District26,962
8 Stauber, Pete Willow River Public School District3,373
1 Finstad, Brad Windom Public School District509
7 Fischbach, Michelle Windom Public School District5,670
Win-E-Mac School District3,250
1 Finstad, Brad Winona Area Public School District38,402
Worthington Public School District16,823
8 Stauber, Pete Wrenshall Public School District1,861
7 Fischbach, Michelle Yellow Medicine East6,435
1 Finstad, Brad Zumbrota-Mazeppa School District7,232